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Soundrels Build

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I have flown this a few times.  Won a couple times.  Any suggestions on how to perfect this?

I do want to keep this to just the two pilots.  See if it can work.



-The Falcon


-Mercenary Pilot

-Expert Handling

-Stealth Device

-Assault Missiles


Kyle Katarn

-Moldy Crow

-Blaster Turret


-Recon Specialist

-Engine Upgrade


Total Build is 95 points


Kyle and the Recon Specialist working together with the Moldy Crow ensure that I have enough  Focus icons to fire his Blaster Turret.  Lando flies close by to give Kyle a second action.  And Kyle can pass Lando some Focus.  The Merc Pilot and the Saboteur combine to create as many critical hits as they can.



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I've tried to make some 2 ship builds work but so far have found 2 things:

1) You still only get to attack twice per round meaning its going to take a long time to either eat through a swarm of ships or to take down a big target like the Falcon.

2) Your opponent will be able to focus fire on your support ship and take it out really fast leaving you with just 1 ship to take on all or at least the majority of their ships.

The one 2 ship build I would like to try is dual YT-1300's with limited upgrades. I haven't done the math on it but Chewbacca with DTF and Han w/ Gunner sounds like a good place to start.

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I have to agree with Mr. Funk. I want to love the moldy crow, and I think that with someone like Biggs, or as support for a large fleet. Unfortunately the HWK is too fragile to rely on. With only 5 hp and one agility die it tends to fall very quickly, especially against ties or cluster missiles. I've found that push the limit is great for the falcon. You can evade and target lock every turn. It's especially useful because performing green maneuvers Avery turn is easy with the falcon due to its 360 degree arc. Try in a friendly game anyways, it might be fun.

May the dice be with you.

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Don't like the build at all.

- Not enough substance. If you play 2 ships then take 2 YTs at least.

- An enemy will just slaughter Kyle, then Landos skill will be useless. Or vice versa even if thats more difficult.

- I dont get a few options. Mercenary pilot on Lando, Assault Missiles are okayish at most. Stealth device on the Falcon makes hardly any sense. Its just not good on agility 1 ships. Engine upgrade on Kyle is kinda bad here since you really want to focus every turn since you just spent 6 points on Recon Specialist and Moldy Crow, except you save up a huge amount of focus before.

- You have 2 360 degrees weapons, and cant really benefit since Kyle needs to stay in range 1 of Lando to benefit from his skill. This makes you really predictable in your movement.

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Ok, Ran this against CommanderScrappy's fleet of Chewi, Biggs and Wedge.

Kyle was a big target right off.  But with the help of my unending stream of Focus, and some cold dice on Scrappy's part, Kyle lasted for a while.  Sad day, when a critical took out his Blaster Turret.  Lost the match, but is came down to dueling Falcons at the end.

I will adjust this.  Boosting was not really helpful for Kyle and I am thinking of changing the turret out for an Ion Turret.

We'll see next week.

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