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more questions

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hello community =)


so again two questions came up id like to have clarification on:


1) does blinding speed (basic II) give, when both attribute tests missed by a warrior, ADDITIONAL 4 mp's (ergo 2+4=6) or overall 4 mp's. i iguered 4 movement points is more than enough, and played it like this, but would love to know how it is initially intended (sorry, not a mothertounge =( )


2) whilst playing alric farrow i used his overpower ability.


"Sir Alric Farrow performs a move action. Each time he moves into a space adjacent to a hero, Alric may test Might. If he passes, he may trade spaces with that hero and the hero suffers 1 Fatigue."


so, i figured, that Sir Alric has to actually MOVE into an empty space with one of his 3 MP's, and did not count the spaces he "enters" by performing his trade-spaces action. if he could, then, when heroes would stand in a bulk (which mine normally do), just overpower round for round for round through them (until he would miss a power roll obviously). 


is there any rule clarification on this one?


ty !





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I agree with both of your interpretations, though I admit they are vague.  I couldn't find anything in the FAQs (official or unofficial) to clarify these points.

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for those interested:


Hey Daniel,

1) If the warrior fails both tests, the monster gains 4 movement points.
2) The "trading-spaces" of Overpower does not count as entering a space precisely for the reason you suggested.

Justin Kemppainen
Creative Content Developer
Fantasy Flight Games
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