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Galactic Civil War Tournament - Nov 2, San Antonio TX

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Dragon's Lair will be hosting  an upcoming tournament on November 2nd.  Registration opens at 10:30, event starts at 11am.  Info for Dragon's Lair can be found here:


Format will be what we're calling our Galactic Civil War structure - each player must bring two lists, 100 points each, one Rebel and one Imperial.  There will be no mirror matches!  Tournament will run 4 rounds at 75 minute time limits, and each player will play 2 games with each of their lists.


No entry fee, but plenty of shiny prizes!  We'll have a few Wave 3 ships to give away, some of the hard-to-find promo cards including the oversized Han Solo/Boba Fett cards, Wedge alternate art, and more Black Squadron Pilot promo and acrylic shield tokens than you can count.  Everyone gets something!

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