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Faith of Shallya POD

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Faith of Shallya POD
Items: Holy Pendant, Healign Salve


Benediction of Shallya R1
Chastise R1
Soothe R1
Calming Presence R1
Moment of Doubt R2
Martyr’s Touch R2
Tears from the Heavens R2
Kindly Words R3
Beacon of Mercy R3
Hopeful Dawn R3
Peacemaker R4
Shared Pain R4
Greater Healing R4
Cloud of Doves R5
Dying Breath R5


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Rpggeek listing:

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Quick summary of the cards:


Benediction of Shallya R1-Shallya prieste gains favour = character rank when an ally gains a wound, insanity, disease or new symptom
Chastise R1-Attacker that hits someone gains "weakened" condition for 3 rounds
Soothe R1-target may discard 1 condition (other than nurgle's rot); star = you gain the coindition
Calming Presence R1-all allies in medium range gain +x defense.
Moment of Doubt R2-target gains two challenges to their next attack
Martyr’s Touch R2-priest suffers 1 wound; target recovers 3 wounds (increases with successes)
Tears from the Heavens R2-target recovers 1 wound per recharge
Kindly Words R3-target can't attack you
Beacon of Mercy R3-allies recover 1+ wounds (not to be confused with Bacon of Marcy, which is smoked pork rind)
Hopeful Dawn R3-Allies gain yell to resilience check for overnight
Peacemaker R4-Gain bonus to charm
Shared Pain R4-Target recovers from an effect and you gain it (example: insanity for insantiy)
Greater Healing R4-target heals equal to your WP +x
Cloud of Doves R5-people in the area gain armor bonus (including enemies)
Dying Breath R5-reaction-when you die someone near you completely heals








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