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From the Grave POD

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From the Grave POD
4p. Cover, back page, rules, bound ghoul rules, credits
3 career sheets: Grave Warden, Necromancer, Master Necromancer
Familiar sheet: Bound Ghoul
(3) Career ability cards
Focus Talent: I can taste your fear
Reputation Talent: Ward the fearful
(3) Pact cards: Magick, Blood, Power, Death Pact

Action Cards:
Make do – melee(improvised weapon becomes a hand weapon)
No Master No – Familiar, reaction - familiar jumps in front of necromancer to take the blow
Feast, My Pet! - Familiar - melee and familiar regains vigour
Scrabbling Claws - Familiar - melee and easy critical

Necromancy Spells:
Vahel’s Danse Macabre 1 - ghostly music undead gain swift condition
Hellish Vigour 1 - Target gains invigorated and wound
Raise Dead 2 - 1-3 skeletons
Spectre of Mortality 2 - Fear/Terror creatures gain +Dr equal to their fear/terror ratings
Invocation of Nehek 2 - heal undead
Gaze of Nagash 2 - 4+int damage bolts
Empowered Raise Dead 3 - 1-6 skeletons; maybe a crypt ghoul
Siphon Life 3 - target suffers wounds and you heal or gain power
Wind of Death 4 - multiple targets; suffer wounds equal to necro character rank; maybe criticals
Bind Undead 4 -control undead (including greater undead)




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Glad this came out right after my group put together their starting characters. It would have been annoying to have tell all of them they couldn't play a Necromancer.


Ha. GM gets to play the Necromancer. Feast, my pet!



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Ghouls in Warhammer are cannibalistic humanoid creatures.


Below is the quote of what I knew them to be.


Contrary to popular belief, Ghouls are not undead. Rather, they are the twisted and misshapen remains of people who have given in to a horrifying compulsion to consume the flesh of other living beings, living or dead.

Shunned by other humans and disdained by sentient Undead, Ghouls operate on the lowest rungs of society, living on the fringes and hiding in the shadows.


Also, another quote


Ghouls are the degenerated descendants of humans who were reduced to cannibalism. Generation after generation they descended deeper into inhumanity, the acts of each generation leading to even graver acts of depravity.

Ghouls are utterly inhuman in their behaviour, living off only the flesh of the dead. In form they are stooping and bestial with foul coloured skin. They have no real need of weapons as they have developed long claws which are encrusted with filth and disease.

Ghouls have arisen throughout the world. In the Old World in times of famine, the most ignoble of souls might turn to cannibalism to survive. The most isolated farms and villages have sometimes degenerated through this practice into ghouls. Entire hamlets of inbred folk have been put to the sword and the torch by The Empire's forces when their abhorrent curse was uncovered. As a result, Ghouls have literally been driven underground and make their abodes in catacombs, mausoleums and graveyards, where they can readily find food. The priests of Morr are dedicated to protecting the dead and often use witch hunters to purge the colonies of ghouls which have taken root.

Other places known for problems with Ghouls is the city-state of Tobaro with its large catacombs under the acropolis; Mordheim, the ruined former capital of Ostermark; and Marienburg where a villain dedicated to Khaine sold human flesh in a butchers shop, creating a growing population of Ghouls in the poorest quarters of the city.

The Ghouls are not undead creatures, but are often attracted to the armies of the Vampire Counts. Instinctively sensing the dark magic surrounding undead lords, they are drawn to vampires like moths to a flame. After the battle they make the battlefield a dining field.



Currently in Warhammer they are classed as undead, so maybe the corruption mutated them via Shyish magic.



I doubt you could hide the ghoul from your party.



Yes this pod is bigger, it is about the size of a character stat sheet hmm A5.

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Sweet. I was hoping they were going to make PODs with actual new careers. This opens up a LOT of possiblities for WFRP to move past the "adventurers" kind of setup with things like greenskin or skaven careers for example.


And I might finally see some official norse careers :D

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YES, the size is differen't.  It is the 4x5" "sheet size" rather than the standard playing card POD.


For the effects on the card, they are considered "undead."  Going with either the crypt ghoul or cannibal is good either way.  Your players will crap their pants when they see a cannibal :)



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