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Faith of Sigmar POD

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Card list and discussion thread.


Faith of Sigmar POD
Items: Holy Pendant, Blessed Warhammer


Action Cards
Bolster the Spirit R1
Fires of Faith R2
Sigmar’s Wroth R1
Echo of Apotheosis
Flames of Purity R3
Hammer of Purity R4
Healign Fist R2
Mark of Zealous Faith R3
Shining Example R4
Omen of the Comet R5
Fearsme Prayer R2
Sigmar’s Smite R3
Sigmar’s Protection R1
Sigmar’s Benidiction R1
Suffer not the Witch R4


RPG.net review:  http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/15/15502.phtml


RPGEEK.com entry:  http://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/118470/faith-of-sigmar

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Quick summary of the Action Cards

Bolster the Spirit R1-Recheck fear/terror check
Fires of Faith R2-gain bonus to intimidate
Sigmar’s Wroth R1-wounded does extra damage against opponent who wounded him
Echo of Apotheosis R5-gain bonus to all characeristics, dr, cr, defense, soak and WT
Flames of Purity R3-if target suffers corruption, reduce it
Hammer of Purity R4-hammer gains +4 damage vs. daemons, +2 vs mutants, beastmen and marked by chaos, +1 to creatures with corruption scores
Healing Fist R2-Target heals 1-2 wounds
Mark of Zealous Faith R3-allies heal 1 wound anytime they wound an enemy
Shining Example R4-if you pass fear/terror, your allies automatically pass
Omen of the Comet R5-once you spend all FP's and fail a daunting check you gain wp, fp's and allies heal 2 wound, fatigue/stress
Fearsome Prayer R2-allies gain energised,inspired or invigorated for 3 rounds
Sigmar’s Smite R3-you glow and blast someone with fire 2+x damage
Sigmar’s Protection R1-you gain +1soak+1 defense
Sigmar’s Benidiction R1-if you ko a creature, regain power
Suffer not the Witch R4-target loses 2 poer, suffers 2 wounds 2 fatigue and 2 stress 3 success losees all power





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