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Well  I have been running the base campaign for a few sessions now. I have a question regarding exp.

Do both the heroes and the overlord get one exp at the end of each battle, and then the winner of the second part gets an additional point? Or is only one exp awarded  exclusively to the winning side after the typical two part scenario?


So far the heroes have won every  fight and getting one exp a night.(typically we do a two part scenario each night we play). So far they are getting one exp a night and I have gotten none. Not sure how I am supposed to get additional overlord cards if I never win a scenario.


Am I awarding exp wrong? I think I am.


Also, after we finish the base campaign and start one of the others, do the players continue using and advancing the heroes they used in the base campaign or are they supposed to create new heroes? Same question regarding the overlord.


So far we love the game. It is a great way to ease the kids into roleplaying games(yes I know technically Decent 2 is not an RPG)


I plan on trying out the scenario builder at some point. I own everything for Decent 2 and I am just waiting for the Lt. figures to go on sale.


I never played or own anything from the first addition of the game but if FF Games would make the old figures available for purchase I would definitely  pick up the conversion kit. But I cannot afford to pay the ridiculous prices for used figures that people sell online.


Anyways, any input on my questions would be greatly appreciated.Seems like a good group of gamers on this forum.

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I will try to answer your questions here, hoping I don't get things wrong, as you don't quite use the proper terms of the game.


About XP points : usually, at the end of a quest, each hero as well as the Overlord recieve 1XP.

There can be other rewards (among which additional XP), after what the Quest's instructions give.
Between quests, XP points can be spent by the heroes to buy cards linked to their class and the Overlord can buy supplemental Overlord cards.


I you play a new campaign (not a quest), you start with new heroes and a new Overlord.

You could take the same heroes, but they would have to start with the basic cards and not with all the gear accumulated during a preceding campaign. The Overlord, too, will start with his 15 basic cards (in LoR, there is an alternate Basic card deck, so the OL could choose that one if he wanted).


I hope that helped.

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This is one of those places where I think FFG over-explained things and created confusion.


In the rulebook on p. 20, under "The Campaign Phase" (this happens between QUESTS, not between encounters of the same quest), it says:

3. Receive Rewards: The overlord player and hero players each receive one experience point, regardless of who wont the quest (as listed in the Quest Guide).


What many people miss here is the "(as listed in the quest guide)". I feel like the first part is there to assure people that even if they lose a quest, they're still going to get something, because each quest also specifically says that everyone gets 1 XP. (Except for Rumor Quests from expansions, which don't mention it and are intended to not award XP.)


So all you have to do is just ignore that sentence and treat step 3 as "Receive rewards based on what the quest guide says." So, nobody receives anything until the entire quest is over, at which point the quest guide will tell you what they get (most likely 1 XP each and some other stuff).

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