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What to purchase first?

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So far my understanding of the game's distribution is this:


Adventure Packs: Quest content with small bits of exclusive content for heroes and encounters


Deluxe Expansions: Premium sets containing interchangeable content that can be used with any Adventure Pack


Saga Expansions: Premium sets containing quest, hero and encounter content that directly associates with the LOTR story and its protagonists


So if I have this down correctly... assuming I do want to purchase all of the game's content over time and try to maintain a "complete experience" feel to things, should I begin with a Core Set and the three Deluxe Expansions, then purchase the Adventure Packs chronologically over time to keep the experience feeling "episodic"? The Saga eExpansions intrigue me but since those follow the LOTR story more directly, I'm anticipating a slightly more linear narrative and I'd want that experience saved for the very end.


Can anyone who's played the game's expanded content do me a huge favor and let me know if I have the right understanding of this? I'd really appreciate it. :)


Also, what are players doing for a more "hardcore survival" replayability mode? I saw something about Nightmare Decks but is that simply a type of retail deck or is that a game mode that can be used with any of the game's quests?

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Just a quick reply (have to go out to work)...


The APs work with their associated Deluxe expansion, so I believe you need the Deluxe expansion FIRST and then the associated AP sets.

There are three Saga expansions - two are associated with the Hobbit book, not LOTR, just the recent Black Riders set does that.


You also have two other sets - the Gen Con standalone packs (need main box) and the Nightmare sets - which I think you need the main set and the original AP the nightmare set is based on. Both of these types (Gen Con and Nightmare) are Print on Demand sets - you order a set to be printed for yourself, though some shops have ordered copies in for themselves to sell.

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Credit for the following goes to richsabre, who comprised it in another thread:



mirkwood cycle needs = none...just core set

dwarrowdelf cycle needs = khazad dum

against the shadow cycle needs = hiers of numenor


that is all that is out at the moment


here is the list in order of what i got them (i have played since core set release so these are correct)


core set


hunt for gollum

conflcit at the carrock

journey to rhosgobel

emyn muil

dead marshes

return to mirkwood


khazad dum deluxe


redhorn gate

road to rivendell

watcher in the water

the long dark

foundations of stone

shadow and flame


hobbit saga pack 1 and 2 (these were released one before and one after the follow pack i list in the doesnt really matter here as saga packs dont follow any order compared to the expansions)


Hiers of numenor deluxe


the stewards fear

the druadan forest

encounter at amon din

assault on osgilliath

blood of gondor (not out yet)

morgul vale (not out yet)


Black riders (lord of the rings saga pack 1) is out....again in between a cycle but again it doesnt matter as it saga pack



For replayability try the hardcore mode as described at the end of the rulebook.

If you don´t mind spending a bit more cash you could also get the hardcore PoD releases with tougher cards to replace some of the cards from the original quests. Though be aware that they make the quests ALOT harder.

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many thanks as it saves me asking. play starwars lcg myself, this is for my daughters who are lotr mad my only input in this one is trading pocket money for credit card usage to buy an add on or 2 each month :D   mind you i may get sucked into a game or 5

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