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No Cylon Leader Question

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You still shuffle treachery cards into Destiny, so there is still a chance that a Reckless skill check will get hit by a Treachery card, and once Cylons have revealed they can draw Treachery.

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Except according to the Pegasus manual it says,


"No Cylon Leaders

If the group elects to not play with a Cylon Leader, or if no one 
chooses a Cylon Leader during character selection, return 
the Cylon Leader character sheets and the Agenda decks to 
the game box. The Loyalty deck is then built according to the 
rules in the core game."
Which would mean that there are no treachery cards in the destiny deck. Without treachery cards, it seems that making a skill check reckless is too powerful for the humans when there are no revealed cylons.

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