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Secret Societies in Warhammer

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I know some books mention secret societies.

I been trying to find an internet search for a site that list them all and their goals but having no luck.

Novels, sourcebooks etc give some names, but i cannot myself remember them.

Anyone know a site or themselves have a list? Dont really wish to create one myself if it already exists.

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The career compenndium is chock full of organizations, but not the secret ones.  I dont' recall anyone ever doing a list.  You could check the Warpstone magazine.



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Shades of Empire (WFRP2) has couple of these.


Well, some undead-hunting organisatioins are basicly these too - like Agents of the Shroud (secret society or morrite secret agents...well). Some info about them can be found from the Night's Dark Masters.


Offcourse there is huge number of Chaos-aligned cults in many books, but you probably don't mean those.

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Chaos cults are run of the mill.


It is more the Agents of the Shroud, the Guardians of the Light types I was wondering if listed.


I don't have all the 1st ed or 2nd ed books.  But will check the3rd and whatever I have from the other 2 editions.


Was hoping to save me time, as some of those book are in storage in an attic somewhere.


Who did this Shades of the Empire, never heard of it? Internet search here I come




Okay saw the book on amazon. Drat how did I miss that book *sigh*

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Here's all I've got from an old house rulebook I did up:

Chapter 8   Adventuring Organizations
There are a great number of officially detailed organizations in the Empire.  Unlisted guilds, watchguards, companies, militas, schools, and fellowships abound. 

Imperial Organizations of Note
Career Name & Reference 
Apothcry Apothecary's Guild- CC14
Agitator Glorious Revolution of the People-SOE
Artisan Artisan's Guilds-CC18
Astrologer Order of Acillius Stargazer CC:21
Boatsmen Boatsmen's League of Tlabheim -TiT10
Bodyguard House of Haessler – CC:31
Cadet  Diesdorf Military College cc:37
Coachman Coaching Houses CC:52
Coachmen Coachmen of Middenheim AOM22,28
Dillettante Bernloch Academy -CC:60
Embalmer Resurrection Men-CC64
Engineer  Dwarfen Engineers Guild, Middenheim AOM25
Engineer  Imperial School of Engineers - CC:66
Entertner Imperial Circuit-CC67
Exciseman Publican Union of Tlabheim – CC:71
Explorer League of Merchant Adventurers - CC:66
Fence Tagranden Merchant Consortium – CC76
Ferryman Sons of the River - CC:77
Ferryman Otto's Flats Ferrymen CC:77
Fieldwrdn Border Patrol of the Moot – CC:78
Foreman Stevedore's Guild-CC81
Friar Friars of St. Olga CC:84
Halfling The Commision (for demihuman Interests) -AoM17
Hedge Wizards   Cunning Folk, Hedgefolk –  SOE 55+
Merchnt Crafter, Bulder, Commerce, Labour Guilds - CC94
Hrnd Hntr Taals Chosen, -TiT9,CC105
Litigant Worshipful Guild of Legalists – AoM18
Mast.Vig Master Vigilant (PI for Magic Colleges)-NDM99,CC138
Marine Imperial Navy-SOE
Merchant Brothers of Handrich (Business Cult)  –SOE16
Messenger Imperial Messengers Guild - CC:144
Militiamn Town Militia of Schweinfeld-CC145
Minstrel Minsterl School of Nuln-CC147
Minstrel Royal College of Music in Middenheim - AoM21
Navagator Imperial Graphic Society CC151
Navagator Navagator's Club-CC151
Navagator Guild of Explorers-CC151
News The Veracitor-CC152
Outlaw Outlaw Band of Heinz Gerber-CC156
Outrider The Satchel Boys-CC158
Physician Physician's Guild-CC162
Physician  Middenheim Guild of Physicians – AoM17
Pistolier Pistol Korps CC:164
Pit Ftr The Secret Guild-CC165
Racketeer Karkhazof League CC:171
Raconteur Liars Guild CC:172
Roadward Roadwardens – SOE, ToC128,CC177
Riverwrdn Imperial River Patrol – ToC128
Runelord  Dwarven runesmiths
Scolar Travelling School-CC181
Scholar Collegium Thelogicia,Ulric, Middenheim AOM34
Scribe Faithful Brotherhood of Scribes CC:184
Sewer jack Fauschlag Delvers CC:190
Slaver Dragon Fleet of Valbrand Fireblade-CC194
Soldier Imperial Military /Reiksguard /Imperial Guard – SH
Soldier Nuln Imperial Gunnery School – FoN
Stevedore Altdorf Dockers & Gangs (SOE)
Thug The Deadfish Gang of Nuln-CC210
Tradesmn Bowyers' Fraternity-CC213
Tradesmn Trusted Brotherhood of Brewers-CC213
Tradesmn Pussiant Fellowship of Skilled Cartographers-CC213
Valet August League – CC:216
Ver.Inv Verenean Investigator-SHp124(PI for Religions),CC218
Warlock Hartshorn Lodge – CC:223
Witch, Ice Kislev magic
Wizard Guild of Wizards & Alchemists in Middenheim AOM22
Wizard Light Order-Light (RoS)
Wizard Celestial Order-Heavens
Wizard Gold Order- Metal/Alchemy
Wizard Jade Order -Life
Wizard Amber Order-Beasts
Wizard Bright Order-Fire
Wizard Grey Order-Shadows and Illusions
Wizard Amethyst Order-Death
Zealot Brotherhood of St. Soeren of the Sword – CC:235
Zealot Wolf Kin, Zealots of Ulric – AoM9

Hunter Organizations
Agent of the Witch-Finder-General-CC230
Agent of Fellowship of the Shroud-NDM14,96,CC8 (Morr)
Andanti Vampire Hunter -NDM15
Cloaked Brother Chaos Hunter – ToC126,CC51
Dreamwalkers of Morr, Vampire Hunters– SOE28
Ordo Fidelis Witch Hunters (Sigmar)– AoM, ToC123+
Sigmarite Exorcists – ToC126
Tsaravich Pavel Society Vampire Hunters – NDM14

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