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Fighting Heralds

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The theme of TKiY is that throughout the entire game, the play is happening in the background, causing the terror to rise even more than it normally would. People are watching the play, going insane, and causing even more havoc in Arkham. Because of this, I think there should really be one test/series of tests that the investigators can make at ANY point throughout the game in order to shut the play down completely and save the citizens of Arkham from this maddening performance.


We would need to come up with a few things:


What location on the board is the play being performed?

What kind of test/encounter would the investigators need to go through to stop the play?

What are the penalties for failing to stop the play?

What are the rewards for failing to stop the play?


As a reward, obviously eliminating the Herald from the game. Perhaps also resetting the Terror level or lowering it by a set amount, as minds are relieved from the absence of the play?


I kind of agree with you, it IS kind of complex and maybe too much of a hassle to keep track of (except if we structure it like a deck of cards that are unveiled as the doom track progresses and each Plot is foiled or executed). But I'm thinking about how to let investigator try their hand anytime at all and having them fail/pass. How is it possible under the current game rules?


p.s. wait, I think I got it :) Think Dunwich Horror deck: how about a deck for every Herald? It doesn't have to be a deck to FIGHT the herald, each card could present a challenge and a pass/fail condition. Will the investigators risk drawing from the Herald's deck or will they deem it safer to ignore it? Maybe the game could FORCE them to draw from the deck sometimes. Think about it :)


I don't think it's too complex.  It's just a question of presenting it in a less complex ways.  Perhaps a list of triggers.  And then perhaps putting flavor text on a separate card.  If you mix the two, then yes, it'll be difficult to read and track.

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The idea of a deck for each Herald sounds like it could potentially work. Just like Epic Battle Cards, it would make dealing with the Herald different every game, which could keep things fresh. The only thing I'm really adamant about is not FORCING the players to have to deal with this mechanic, even if they use it. The Herald itself already presents so many challenges and makes the game significantly harder for the players. This mechanic needs to be an option, and only an option, that allows the players the chance to remove the Herald from the game, where if they fail for attempting this option they are THEN going to suffer an additional penalty.



It could force them, on very rare occasions, to draw from the deck, but of course they would still get the chance to pass the plot the game is forcing them to confront!


Avi, yes, it is kind of confusing but I'm sure that if I sat down and concentrated I could write the same stuff with far fewer words :) But now I kind of like the Heralding Deck solution more, I think it's more elegant and not quite that different from what we're used to. Lots of flavor text on each card to set the mood for the herald's plotting in the background, plus a simple set of instructions for the pass/fail conditions. Maybe at the 3rd/4th/5th "pass", the herald could be banished. Of course, you could meet the "fail" condition for each card instead, and get the penalties - usually nothing major, but with a couple of "heavy" penalties hidden in the deck, like maybe empowering the Herald (think it's bad enough that Dagon only adds 1 DOR token? How about 2? Or how about one additional Blight every time a shop closes?).

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