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Played a full game of New Caprica

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Humans made it all the way to Galactica returning before losing.


Crew (and turn order):







and I was a human-siding Cavil (needed one resource at 2 or lower)

*Dee was a first timer, Ros and I had the most games under our belts, everyone else was on their second game.


Gaius had both Cylon cards until passing one on to Boomer. Boomer kept sinking crises, but enough that it looked like Destiny was doing the work. Once we got to NC, Tyrol XO'd Boomer hoping she would use the Shipyard three times (she was on his left). Boomer moved to Breeder's, used Breeder's to bring Galactica back, dumped all her piloting cards into the next skill check, and then revealed on her turn.


Boomer kept the Raiders parked right in front of the launch tubes, effectively blowing up each civie as they arrived and we lost. Command was damaged sometime before getting to NC, so we couldn't activate any Vipers.


Upon reflection:

  • Maybe Cavil wasn't the best choice. It took WAY TOO LONG for the group to believe I was on their side. They were so wrapped up in the fact that I could summon Basestars that they were double thinking my every move. Even after I wished one away, they were still arguing that I was just biding my time.
  • I was trying to focus on Food or Morale to hit 2, but Pop got there first. Really didn't want that knowing that we had so many civies to take care of, but nothing I could do about that. I'll remind people next time how important that is for end game. Protect pop over fuel even.
  • Not enough XO's and IC's being thrown around. Over half of the XO's happened after NC and only TWO IC's were played the entire game, one of them by ME. I even thought Ros was the other Cylon after Gaius because of the lack of IC's. I stressed and stressed how important it was, but it never sunk in.
  • I actually think two pilots might not be a bad idea. End game is an endurance match, so they'll actually have work to do.
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