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what kinds of things do armies do?

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not sure if I'm getting this game, but it intrigues me... any (potentially customizable non card or classic minis) game intrigues me.

What are the abilities of the different armies? In general or specific. Whatever. Thanks!

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Here is a brief overview of the armies, along with my favorite abilities for each of them.

Flyborg: I can best describe them as Cyborg bugs. Their units have abilities like a shield that makes one of them invulnerable, and a repelling bug that can move enemies that are close enough.

Usarthopod: These units have a very military feel, similar to the Sovietopter. They have the carrier unit which can drop off smaller units, the green barrett that can camouflage and only kill units, and the rocket launcher that can launch rockets if he lands on the correct side.

Chitinian: The units are the most alien (dare I say Zerg) of the bunch. They have strength in numbers, and can pin enemy units with webs or deal them damage with Acid spit.

Sovietopter: This army is a cross between the usa and Chitinian. They have a military feel, but have strength in numbers. They have abilities that let them move multiple units at once, and resurrect dead units.


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