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Looking for some players

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The only RPG playing I have ever done has been PbP. I was introduced to it through some friends about 6 years ago. Since then I have played in games of 3.5 DnD, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, and I am now finally introducing the entire archive to the 40K universe through Deathwatch. It will be my first time GMing but when I mentioned it, some people came out of the woodwork to get in on it. Before I knew it there were more people willing to play than I had room for, so another game opened up as well.


I think it is a great and easy way to escape reality for a little bit, especially when you are spread out across the world. And it isn`t difficult to take an hour or so a day to update your character, actions, etc. If anyone is interested in getting in on this hot action, let me know haha.

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