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Custom character generation rules for the Beginner Game

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Hi everybody,


I made some quick home-brew character generation rules for the Beginner Game.



These rules are not compatible with the core rulebook. I am using the Beginner Game as a rules-light stand-alone rpg system and these rules are intended to create characters for that purpose.


1. Assign ability scores: Every character gets 15 points to distribute between the six ability scores. A score needs to have a minimum value of 1 and can have a maximum of value of 5. Ability scores can't be increased after character generation.


2. Determine wound and strain threshhold: Wounds are 10 + Brawn, Strain is 10 + Willpower.


3. Determine basic soak: soak = brawn


4. Choose career skills: There are no fixed classes. Choose 8 skills that fit your character concept and mark them as career skills.


5. Distribute skill points: Starting characters get 10 points to distribute between all skills. One skill point buys one rank in the skill. You can purchase a maximum of two ranks for a career skill and a maximum of one rank for a non career skill at character creation. These values might by adjusted by racial bonuses (see below).


4. Choose race: Pick one of the following or create your own.


Humans get +1 career skill and +1 skill point at character creation.


Wookies get +4 wound threshhold and +1 rank in Brawl.


Bothans get +1 rank in Stealth and +1 rank in Streetwise.


Trandoshans get +1 soak (natural armor) and +1 rank in Brawl.


Twi'leks get +1 rank in Knowledge and +1 rank in Charm.


Rodians get +1 rank in Survival and +1 rank in Streetwise.


Duros get +1 rank in Pilot and +1 rank in Astrogation.


Sullustans get +1 rank in Astrogation and +1 rank in Perception.


Droids get +2 skill points and droid traits (no need to sleep, eat, breathe etc. Immunity to poison, disease, heat, cold etc.)


As a rule of thumb a race does not provide an ability bonus but a bonus to certain skills.


5. Choose one starting talent from the available talent trees in the Beginner Game. You don't need to worry about class restrictions. Choose what fits the concept.


6. Spend up to 500 credits on starting equipment. You start with your leftover cash + 300 credits pocket money.


That's it. You can advance your character as described in the Beginner Game rulebook by using XP to buy skill ranks or talents.





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