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40K Open System + Titan Legions

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Good evening, I've decided to make these more public now that I've had time to test them on my human guinea pigs and knocked a couple of rough edges off them.


The Open System



This is designed to mate-up characters from Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy and to some degree also Deathwatch, into the Only War system. Yes, it is very basic and pretty much all crunch- I don't want to tread on anyones toes so to speak as far as intellectual property goes, I just like free-form games where people can play and build what they want.

Of course- with the GM's approval, quite a lot of that is needed :)

Theoretically, you could also put the Only War character in there as well, however they would need to be 'built' with this system and quite a bit of jiggering to match up with the other characters and some addition or removal of the Regiment rules, skills, talents, gear and aptitudes.


Rogue Trader characters are also technically in there, as are more advanced types of classes like Sisters, Navigators and of course, the Scout Marine. I'm not going to inflict a full Marine on a starting party :) ...no, they grow their implants over time until they're real marines and hopefully the rest of the party has their own xp under their belt. The use of marines should be carefully monitored by the GM, however I have used them in games and it does seem to work fairly well.

If you wanted a Rogue Trader, the Imperial Officer template is there, you'd have to do a bit of ship and influence engineering though via the RT books, like I said, I'm not re-printing vast swathes of material that isn't mine. The only one who missed out was the Void Master as it could be built off any of the others really, but that's sort of the whole point, you start with a career and build it around where the campaign takes you.


Have a look, any particually hideous problems let me know in detail and I'll consider ammending them. But, its an open system, tweak, re-work, add and jigger about as you see fit to suit your games and group. (I just started the ball rolling so to speak for you)

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The Titan Legions

Oh god why!!!?

Because they're an interesting part of the Imperium that no one has even really touched... and rolling around in big robots is pretty cool. However, this is a test for the players-

Will they survive the mastery tests of the machine, can they deal with repairs and logistics and threats to them and the sacred machine taking on the full brunt of the enemy?


Titan Legions is meant to be tough, stupidly dangerous and an extremely challenging role for players piloting a land warship like no other... and for the GM to cook up the most fiendishly hard opponents, campaigns and problems. This dove-tails above into the Open System and you have two levels on how hardcore you want it.


1. Come at me Bro!   Knights



Knights... ah yeah, those little fellas running around which pretty much haven't seen the light of GW products since most of you where still in short pants, but old me remembers them :)

This is the slightly easier version of being around Titans, essentially some mongrel ancestor of yours signed a deal with the Adeptus Mechanicus, they turn up and collect on it and you will get dragged out of your nice little life and thown into a 55tonne nuclear powered bipedal tank and sent off to terrorise the enemy... after a bit of training and assuming the mastery of the beast doesn't kill you outright. (yes, you can die during mastery)


2. Harder than Chuck Norris!           Titans



Yep, there they are, be really afraid and be even more afraid of what the Ad-Mech will do to you if you lost it. Of course, surviving mastery, not being assassinated and the logistical problems of running a 400+ tonne bucket of death powered by a small sun... while being shot at by tanks, orbital bombardment and artillery.

Its all your problem mate!  :)

This is the last word in full scale warfare, yeah that and a few other things. It uses the open system, but its a deviation at the career point and still open enough to give your robot-eers enough character.

My first game of this involved actually surviving the warp journey to where they've got to go and during the process they have successfully managed to spend most of it quite drunk, made their own monshine still and sold the excess to hapless voids-men. So, it can be as big and small as you want it to be, when they wake up from the hangover, they'll wish they where dead.


(You can quite happily run a titan crew and a couple of knights together by the way)

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As a hapless GM and Player of BC, DW, DH, RT and OW (yes I bought them all at some stage, god help my credit card), I have problems with consistancy with the vehicles in pretty much all of these games. This started all the way back when Dark Heresy first came out and seems to have been a work in progress ever since.

This isn't every vehicle... there are so many metal boxes rolling around that it really does hurt my brain.

Mostly these are the most common that I've purloined from Codex's and Imperial Armour books along the way and tried to do them justice (if you haven't worked it out by now I'm also into cars, engines and fiddling with them to the sum that makes buying books seem trivial), but I have tried to make it consistant enough so that it will plop right into whatever game you're running in the open system.



I will add chunks of metal when and however I can, don't expect it to be done quickly, but I try to do it the best I can.

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Very interesting.  I need to read through the Titan rules a bit more, but they look like you put some serious thought into them.  I actually have a Knight in my game, with a Knight Temple Manufactorum being constructed on one of the player's worlds.  Of course, the players are Rank 6 and have their own shipyards as well, so it isn't quite that big a jump to Knights.  I had to make up my own Knight rules, but they are at least similar to your own so I will probably keep mine.  Did you use Rites of Battle for help with the Titan stats?

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Yep I used the one in Rites of Battle sort of as a baseline for most of the Titans, then had to dredge up some ancient books from the old Epic game on the other's for the rest of the titans & knights.

Then did a lot of statistics to figure out damage vs defence and so forth to get them roughly where they need to be to be effective and not under/overwhelming when being used. Knights I sort of ball-parked in more the battletank/super heavy tank as a comparative piece of equipment and arsenal, but they do have some advantages and disadvantages over conventional tanks.


I'm glad people will get some use out of them, interest at this end from my group has more or less evaporated and we're on a bit of a 40k game hiatus so to speak and wanting to play other things (Warhammer 2nd Ed and the new Star Wars stuff), so its been a little hard to develop it any further at this point.


Any bugs or feedback I'm quite happy to ammend and implent though.

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I am going to preface this with the fact that I like you work and am using quite a bit of the Knight/Titan stuff in my game.


I got a chance to work on the Titan part of your rules for my RT game, as we are nearing endgame and they have been found some Titan like machines on Aubray's Anvil.  As I was working on conversions I realized that the machines didn't really ballance out between weapons and armor.  I made up a spreadsheet of the various weapons Adeptus Titanicus stats and your stats (as well as the Rites of Battle stats).  In AT, a volcano cannon has a 50% chance of 1 shot killing an Armor 10 titan (most of them, provided it hit legs or plasma reactor).  Using the rules you listed it would take at least 11 hits doing max damage to achieve a kill on a Warlord (32 average damage hits). 


The problem looks mostly to be the nature of the original Rites of Battle conversion.  If you look at the weapons there, only the Turbo Laser-Destructor really effective or equivalent damage.  The rest of the weapons listed are underpowered, some drastically.  A Plasma Blastgun fired on Maximal is the only other weapon that could kill a Warhound Titan, and it would take 12 perfect (Maximum damage) shots to do so.  In AT the Plasma Blastgun on Maximal has a 1 in 3 chance of one shotting a Warhound once it's Void Shields are down.  Copare the fact that in AT, the Plasma Blastgun on Minimal has the same Strength as the Turbo Laser-Destructor.  In Rites of Battle they are 42 points different at max damage/pen.  I think they did a good job of converting the Void Shield mechanic, but really didn't put much thought into the damage or number of hits each weapon would take to kill a Warhound. Unfortunately, the rules you made are based on their numbers and therefore don't really work. 


I am looking at what numbers would work, but I think part of the problem is all the extra dice needed make it more difficult to run.  I am leaning towards using the original Adeptus Titanicus rules for Titan combat.  As far as interacting with other parts of the game, I think the AT rules are pretty good.  If you look at what it takes to hurt the weakest Titan in the game, you can see that you can just make a sweeping statement that only Titans and Superheavy weapons can hurt Titans.  Even lascannons would take a dozen perfect damage rolls to kill a Warhound (average rolls can kill shields but do not hurt the Titan).  Larger Titans are are pretty much immune.  Also, Titan weapons one shot anything that isn't a Titan or Superheavy. 


If you would like my datasheet with the stats and odds, send me a PM and I will email it to you or load it up on your fileshare.  I really do appreciate all the work you did with it, and my players and I loved it.  I plan on continuing to use the rest of the ideas and basic stats, just using AT for combat stats instead.  If you want to take a stab at converting the weapons damages, I would suggest adding enough damage so that the weapons can kill a Titan of similar scale in 6-10 hits.  That tracks better with what AT used, and makes more sense than having to hit a Warhound 150 times with an average Maximal Plasma Blastgun strike.  I would be more than willing to work with you or be there for you to bounce numbers off as well. 

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Will you include any of the Arbites Rhinos? They have their own command variants as well, in addition to the ones for transporting Arbites or criminals.  Not just the ones that went to the Sororitas, I mean.

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