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Dimensional Beam machine

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Okay I think I'm likely rules lawyering/ bending by asking this but the situation is fairly desperate in a game I'm playing so might as well ask.


Akachi was at the newspaper during AE phase and drew the card that gave her 2 dollars and a ride to anywhere in Arkham. I chose the Science building and there drew the Dimensional Beam Machine card. She's got a decent chance to help with it's implementation but what I am asking about is exactly how this beam is resolved.


1) Roll a die for each gate one at a time.  A success closes the gate-no trophy take. A failure causes the machine to explode and you lose stamina based on another die roll and are sent to the hospital. This ends any further rolls for any other gates?


2) The very first gate roll fails and you lose say 2 stamina of the 6 you have but still have to go to the hospital. Do you still roll the rest of the other gates anyway. In other words are the beams hitting the gates simultaneously and thus all must be resolved?



I realize this may seem like a reach--my first instinct says option 1 is the right way--but my first instinct hasn't always been correct and the situation is grim so let's just reach for those rules stars shall we :rolleyes:  :lol:

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The explosion only happens if you fail the initial roll to operate the machine. After that for each gate closing roll the only consequence for failure is that the gate stays open.


That's right, read it like this:


"If you pass, beams shoot out in all directions, disrupting the gates open throughout the board. Roll a die for each open gate one at a time. On a success the gate is closed. However, you may not take it as a trophy, but instead return it to the pile of gate markers.


If you fail, the machinery overheats and explodes. Roll a die and lose that much Stamina, then move to St. Mary's Hospital."


The die roll for every open gate is not a check. The only check is the Lore -2.

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