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Fleet Action (based on X-Wing mechanics)

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With the success of ​X-Wing, I hope FFG is considering ways to further develop and capitalize on this system.  In particular, I'd love to see a fleet action game in which we see the formations and maneuvers of capital ships.  As in X-Wing, cards would be used to upgrade ship captains and admirals, crews, and the ships themselves.  The maneuver dials would need to be toned down to better simulate the ponderous movement of capital ships, but the movement system is fundamentally sound and easily adaptable.  I'd guess that the supply issues with the X-Wing prepaints are the biggest impediment to the production and distribution of another miniatures game.  However, if and when these supply issues are resolved, there are several potential IPs that would make for a great fleet action game:


1) Star Wars - We'd finally see star destroyers and mon calamari cruisers and tiny fighters could be controlled as squadrons.


2) Battlefleet Gothic - Since Games Workshop recently scuttled their specialist games ranges, there's a great opportunity for FFG to step in and rework this rules system and release prepainted plastic 40k fleets.


3) Twilight Imperium - This would be my first choice.  There's so much room to innovate in terms of ship designs for the various starfaring races (20 from TI3).  Optionally, fleet battles could even be tied to games of TI3.  I love this IP and it would be great to see FFG further develop this universe.  
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