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Master of R'lyeh

Collection of variants to speed up the game

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Here is a list of variants I have been working on to speed up the game:

- Use the threat track

- Start with 5 Gold

- Each player starts with a 1 cost ally at random

- Fully heal in cities for one gold (skip market step)

- Start each market with 3 items, use split market deck variant

- Softer knockouts. Loose half gold only, sent back to nearest town

- Use leveling variant from Frozen Waste

- Give up movement dice to heal. Roll, if it matches the terrain you are on heal you heal one.

May give up multiple dice to heal more than once

- Gain gold equal to XP earned.

- Critical hits deal double damage (rolling a natural 20 is a critical hit)

- Give up movement die to rest

- Loose/skip a turn to fully heal/rest in the wild

Still trying to figure out the best combination for solo and two player games. Any thoughts or suggestions? I would love to add some ideas to the list so please share your own variants.

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