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Covering Fire / Suppressing Fire

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While looking at the Adversary's chapter, I discovered a very cool Ability that I think would be a neat idea for a character talent in the Ace Gunner specialization. 


Coving Fire, may spend an action to add +1 to ranged defense and add +1 to ranged defense for nearby characters. 


This is a super awesome talent, and I love the visual attached to it!  I think it would be a great power in the narrative system.   I would love to see this somehow incorporated into the Gunner Specialization.  This whole vision is kind of how I envision the Ace Gunner, running out laying supressing fire with his light repeater (or maybe manning an emplacement with the heavy repeater).


As a spin off of the idea, I envision a Suppressing Fire Talent:  When using a weapon with the Autofire Capability (must be on to activate), may spend Triumph to upgrade the difficulty of ranged attacked made by those who were targeted with the Autofire.  (Its kind of hard to hit somebody who is shooting a machine gun directly at you).




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