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FaF + WaW - Whats the status of combining expansions?

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Just wondering how well the expansions combine?


Is it not possible to play with 5 players using WaW if you also use FaF?


Also Why is there no Korea yet? I has SO hoping. little disappointed but none the less Thanks so much for this expansion! LOVE the game and The expansions!!!!




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I'd like to know how F&F fits with W&W as well.


I just have Wisdom & Warfare, and I feel it is a neccessary expansion, or rather an expansion that will replace old components if they ever make a '2nd edition' print of Civilization.  


As for a Korean Civ, there is a Civilization Leader template you could make for yourself (I can find the link later if you want).  I believe it uses Gimp (free Photoshop equivalent) to make your own, and you just cut it out and put it under the dial of another civ.


My thoughts:

The Koreans

Ability:  Great people tiles in your city provide an additional trade.  Gain 3 trade whenever you build a wonder or library.

Starting government:  Despotism

Starting tech:  Writing


Ability:  The Koreans start the game with a random Level I tech of their choice as well as their starting tech.  Whenever the Koreans build a wonder or gain a great person, gain 3 trade.

Government:  Despotism

Starting Tech:  Writing


(I figure make it similar to their Civ V ability counterparts)

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The expansions combine well.  WaW even has some errata'd material for some of the FaF stuff.  Nothing that changes the structure of the game though.  WaW adds more options along with the options granted in FaF rather than rewrite them. 

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