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Ascension Conversion Idea

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Not too sure if this is where this should go, but:


I am a really big fan of the only war combat system and the way specialties work and i had a cunning plan :) i am considering doing a conversion of Dark Heresy: Ascension through to Only war. with the ascended careers as Only War specialties, fine tuning and making them more balanced especially with the improved balances to certain abilities. I've been wanting to get back to GM'ing

My conversion plan includes a modified character creation like below:


1. Home world: obvious character chooses origin.


2. Past Career: the career of the character before they ascended. basically a skill, talent and trait package. probably a fair decent package of choices reflecting the starting level of the character.


3. Ascended Specialty: the new ascended career specialties from crusader through to interrogator, will include starting gear and unique talents and traits.


There will also be background packages and other dark heresy fun. what do you GM's think of this idea? any suggestions, comments or improvements welcome, and will happily publish work if interested when it is written.


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