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Freya Von Karloff

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Anyone have any good ideas for this uber-sniper character? I've tested 2 or 3 versions as of yet and every single one has been severely underpowered.


Right now I'm fiddling with the idea of a new weapon-type:

Sniper, 7 (possibly 8) dice, unlike Heavy weapons, sniper weapons may ONLY attack on overwatch.


I made Freya's special object to be that evil-eye thing from Field Ops, it allows her to make an attack against any enemy model on the board negating LOS.

-At the end of a turn, if Freya is still on overwatch, she may either Place the "scope" token on a character card, or Attack an enemy whose card has the "scope" token. (possibility: remove the scope token whenever Freya attacks)


I like the game mechanic thus far, only is has proven to be very very ineffective. Ideas?

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I would rather give her 5 dice +2 if a 0 is rolled Union style, or 5 dice and negate 1 stamina dice to the target to leverage existing mechanics that are better tested than 8 dice weapons.


I like the idea of overwatch only weapon.


Dont over do it, all of the hereoes are supposed to be uber badass from their backgrounds, and she id good but not "Epic".


I would also give her the infiltration ability and the medal o move and then enter in overwatch once a game.

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