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Selling Some LCG / X-Wing Promos / Prizes

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Hello, I am looking to get rid of some of the following stuff:


Playmats (50$ each):

1x Battle of Hoth SWTOR LCG Playmat

1x Darth Vader Regional SWTOR LCG Playmat

2x Tywin World AGOT LCG Playmat

2x The Hound Regional AGOT LCG Playmat


House Cards:

1x DoIAF 2010 House Cards - 50$

2x 2013 Regional House Card Sets - 30$ Each

3x Greyjoy Resin Housecard - 50$ Each

2x Greyjoy Stone Housecard - 50$ Each

1x Martell Crystal Housecard - 100$


Random Promo Cards:

1x Full Bleed Dany - 40$

2x Full Bleed Valar - 20$ Each

2x Aurabesh Luke - 20$ Each

1x Aurabesh Vader - 20$

17x Aurabesh Vader's Tie - 5$ Each

4x Aurabesh Red V - 5$ Each

2x Battle For Westeros Promo Cards (doiaf 2010) - 20$ Each


Random Promo Tokens:

1x 15 Baratheon Power Tokens - 30$

1x 15 Lannister Power Tokens - 30$

1x 15 Stark Power Tokens - 30$

1x 21 Wooden Martell Power Tokens - 100$

2x Regional Focus Token Sets - X-Wing - 20$ each


Shoot me a PM if you are interested, photos of everything will be made available upon request.

Thank you,
David B


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Are you still selling this? I pm'ed you more than a week ago, and haven't heard back :(

He just read my PM 2 days ago, so it's possible his visits are rare.  I hope he's still selling too :)

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