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Sell: CCG Highlander House Targaryan and Martell LOT

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Sell: CCG Highlander House Targaryan and Martell LOT


Note: I only sell whole set so please don't ask me for singles.
Perfect to play in highlander format. Martell and Targaryen Players have all cards only with one copy (highlander format) to dive in CCG and see how AGOT looked like before.
You have here 200 rares from many expansions and sets (all listen) and 457 Commons, Uncommons and fixed. Most of them are almost impossible to buy. Here you have everything
to start without need to chase for some cards. It took me many years to have this collection I hope someone will enjoy it as I did.
Please send me your offer to andrzej[at]decktech.eu

############ Set 1 ############
CCG Highlander House Targaryan and Martell LOT
Cards: 658 Only unique cards, no duplicates !!!!
Rares: 201
############ Set 1 ############

Plots: 154 different plots, no duplicates
Rares: 69
Others: 85

List of rares:

All-Out Strike R213
Nothing Left to Lose R141
Blaze of Glore R222
Wildling Assuault R142
Defenders of the Realm R141
feast or famine R141
Siege R220
Waste Their Time R138
Safe Within the Walls R230
Calling in favors R216
The Wraiths Appear R234
With King's Consent R240
Bounty of the Realm R223
Outmaneuver R229
Catastrophe R225
Personal Vendettas R142
Hunting the Boar R240
Steel on Steel R228
Wildling Siege R238
Anarchy in the Streets R222
Snowed Under R233
Sacrificed to the Others R144
Wardens of the South R140
Wardens of the North R139
Desolate Countryside R224
Superior Numbers R232
The first Snow of Winter R145
The Things I Do for Love R238
Defending the Fist R223
The Art of Seduction R141
Rout of the Riverlords R233
Recover the Heir R221
Winter has Come R239
Catch them Unprepared R218
Call to the Throne R224
feast for Crows R223
Storm of Swords R231
Clash of Kings R219
Outfox R228
The Killing Cold R246
Frey Hospitality R227
Tourney Duel R142
Our Mountain, Our Goat R137
forced March R139
Wardens of the East R138
Good for the Gander R227
Dark Wings, Dark Words P18
Prove One's Worth R138
No More Games! R237
Uneasy Peace R248
Secure on the Throne R243
Scouting the Pass R231
Calm over Westeros R139
The Red Wedding R237
Surrounded by flatterers R236
Taking Back What is Ours R238
Surrounded by Cowards R235
Grand Melee R140
Wraiths in the Midst R140
Blood Will Tell R139
Recruiting Season R143
foe I was Born to fight R223
Roadblock R139
Wardens of the West R141
Under One Banner R239
A Beggared Realm R213
Stand fast! P35
Trading with the Pentoshi R240
Empty the Vaults! R224

House Targaryen: 154 different cards, no duplicates !!!
Rares: 31
Others: 123

List of rares:
Braavosi Harbormaster R44
Sellsword Company R70
Viserys Targaryen R115
The Titan's Bastard R64
Daenerys Targaryen R65
Aggo R62
Daario Naharis R43
Pyat Pree R93
Viserion R114
Rhaegal R112
Drogon R109
Champion Pit Fighter R97
Drogon R87
Grey Worm's Strongest R68
Viserion R95
Drogon R90
Rhaegal R94
Astapori Pits R123
Drogo's Pyre R49
Great Pyramid of Meereen R99
Fields of Ghiscar R72
Throne of Meereen R73
Stampede R210
Trip to the Market R131
Taking Flight R211
My Life for Justice R112
Field of Fire R166
The Dragon's Rage R205
Ruler of Meereen R85
Aegon's Blade R85
Under the Guild's Sway R63

House Martell: 185 different cards, no duplicates !!!
Rares: 37
Others: 147

List of rares:
Initiate of Poisons R115
Trystane Martell R135
Nymeria Sand R65
Myrcella Lannister R132
Tower Guard R86
Herald of Sunspear R79
Sellsword Company R70
Ser Arys Oakheart R132
Anders Yronwood R108
Maester of Starfall R116
Oldtown Apprentice R51
Maester Caelotte R109
Darkstar R64
Arianne Martell R130
The Red Viper R111
Edric Dayne R78
Quentyn Martell R44
Lord Anders' Honor Guard R49
Doran Martell R52
The Red Viper R112 ITE
The Red Viper R112 VAL
Army of Scorpions R137
The Viper's Bannermen R85
The Dornish Marches R87
The Old Palace R124
Tower of the Sun R126
The Spear Tower R125
Sunspear Tourney Grounds R89
The Boneway R146
The Prince's Pass R59
Devious Machinations R177
My Life for Vengeance R115
Someone Always Tells R209
Edict of the Prince R114
Vale Pact R51
Reckless R43
Sun Stroke R59

Neutral, multihouse other houses: 173 different cards, no duplicates !!!
Rares: 64
Others: 109

List of rares:

Qyburn R33
Samwell Tarly R90
Campfire Bard R176
Jon Snow P16
King's Landing Harlot P27
Wildling Elder P12
Joffrey Baratheon R20
Ghost of High Heart R82
Personal Guard P5
Band of Free Folk P7
Faceless Man P26
Ygritte R140
Varys R96
Varys R158
Walder Frey R141
Bandit Lord R103
Queen's Favorite P31
The Queen of Thorns P24
The Queen of Thorns R64
Littlefinger R95
Shagga Son of Dolf R138
Chattaya R153
Ser Ilyn Payne P15
Littlefinger R83
Littlefinger R155
Robert's Deathbed R162
King's Hall R164
The Shields Islands R91
The Iron Throne R167
The Vale R159
The Riverlands R161
The Reach R162
The Lion's Mouth R48
Sky Cell R81
Lannisport R40
Craster's Keep R102
Westwatch by-the-Bridge R103
Harrenhal P17
Fist of the Fist Men R105
The Twins R154
King's Landing P10
Mander Ford R108
The Iron Throne R105
The Wall R154
The Eyrie R180
The Eyrie P28
The Eyrie R102
The Power of Fear R132
Support of the Masses R210
Relentless Attack R197
Quit their Claim R127
Hand of Gold R150
Gold for Bribes
Chosen by R'hllor R43
Old Bear's Crow P8
Take the White P14
Against the Common Foe R163
Servant of R'hllor R36
Longclaw R74
Hand of the King R91
Lightbringer R43
A Better Offer R16
In Chains P4
Take the Black P5

############ Set 2 ############
Singles CCG Cards
############ Set 2 ############

Other CCG (Rares and Promo) not LCG legal:

2 Gold Dragon Certificate 20
Gold Dragon Certificate 40
Night's Watch Award 80
5 Take the White P14
2 Harrenhal P17
6 Ser Ilyn Payne P15
2 jon Snow P16
Joffrey Baratheon R20


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