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Controlled locations; an official response

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 Rule Question:
The rules for Assault on Osgilliath says "Locations under any player´s control are still in play. Their game text is active and they can be affected by card effects"

Does this mean we can still place progress tokens on those locations with effects like Asfaloth and the like?
If so what happens if we place enough progress on them to equal their progress value? Would the tokens get discarded or would the location go straight back to player control if it is returned to the staging area?

Are we supposed to still be able to use the actions of player-controlled locations, like Ruined Tower´s ability to travel to it? This might be a good approach (if valid) in situations where having too many controlled locations would outright mean the death of heroes or the like.




Hi Tommy,
You can still place progress on Osgiliath locations you control. However, when you lose control of an Osgiliath location, the rules say you must discard all progress from it before returning it to the staging area. If you did place progress on a location you control equal to its quest points, then the first player would take control of the location instead of it being discarded. The rules also say to discard all progress from it at that point.
I like your idea of traveling to a location you already control. That is a cool idea, and the rules for the scenario do allow it. You would lose control of the location when it leaves your play area, but I think that was your point.
Great questions. Hope you're enjoying the scenario!

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