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Aragorn (lore) and Desperate Alliance - MP trick

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Interesting fun for all your multiplayer sessions!


> Question concerning Aragorn (TWitW) and Desperate Alliance.

> I know that there was a previous ruling with Landroval that said that in a multiplayer game each player could trigger Landroval's ressurect ability ("once per game").
> Does this same philosophy work with Aragorn's threat reset ability? If I pass him to another player during Refresh using Desperate Alliance, can that player use his threat reset ability as that player's "once per game" limitation, and then I could use his threat reset ability with my own "once per game" limitation?


Good question. The rule about "once per game" ability on Landroval applies to all player cards. The "once per game" ability on Aragorn applies to the player not the card. So, if another player gains control of Aragorn, that player may trigger his ability as well.

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