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Next IAP coming?

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So far there's been a pattern of new IAP campaigns/free AO's being released every 6 months or so, and October is just around the corner.  Hoping something new will be released in time for Halloween.  I've been pleased with them all so far (pretty creative- even the free non-campaign AO's are fun to play), but I've played them to death and am itching for something new. 


Hope Pharaoh sold enough to warrant continuing to expand....  :unsure: or :D

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Alright, please help me with your abbrevations. :(

Since it's posted in the digital Elder Sign Omens forum, I guess it's not from a diferent game range.


IAP = iApp? An App for Apple products?  :ph34r:  Ilder Aign: Pomens? :P

(free) AO = Arkham Odor? Apple Orders? Android Oncle? :blink: Addictive Onions?  :D Man, I really have not the slightest idea! :wacko:


Btw, I can only agree that I'd like to see more digital releases of FFG, since I am enjoying Elder Sign Omens very much. ^_^


[EDIT] Yaay I figured when I catched your posting in a different thread, AO = Ancient One! :lol:

However I still have no clue what IAP could be.

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