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Game Report -> Daybreak to distance 13 and beyond... (no variant, just a little lost on the way to earth ;p)

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Typed this up for bgg but thought I'd share here too -being a total attention w**re ;)

Variant game ->

7 players with no cylon leader

3 'you are a cylon' cards

Deck rigged so definitely 1 cylon, 50% chance of a 2nd cylon pre-sleeper

House Rule: Original base game I/Cs to help humans a bit

House Rule: a 3rd *revealed* cylon gives humans +1 to all resources

Soo we set out to earth with, in order:


New Apollo

Starbuck (me)

Tory -> New Helo

New Zarek (only played once before, base game)

Cally (only played once before, earth with all expansions)

Chief -> New Baltar

Game started off astoundingly slowly for humans, 4 jump symbols in first 10 crisis cards, treachery got distributed early as a result of a *choice* crisis card and really became a problem for the humans

Cain and Cally seemed obsessed with taking pot-shots at the base star from weapons control rather than making use of demetrius *at all*

Tory spent time shuffling quorum cards (OPG) filling her hand as political Lee proved an effective administrator XOing from the chamber as quorum debate cards flowed

Starbuck called dibs on the starting assault raptor to make good use of her OPT and moved off towards securing the civilian ships

All was going 'ok' early on, having played the earth objective before I was adamant humans needed to hammer the Demetrius for all it can give them early, use the cabin to pull cards out and bank some missions. New Lee and Cally also knew thid, having also won as humans going to earth the previous week.

Starbuck (me) kept quiet on the matter tho as I had other plans... Lee's crisis saw the base star fire on Galactica on his second turn and Strat planning the Basestar's shot seemed a good move to Starbuck who proceeded to the captain's cabin distribute treachery cards and brig the chief on the way to the resurrection ship with her 'from space' double action.

Starbuck sensed an ally out there as there was skill check disruption she didn't cause, but the remaining humans believed it had been down to her all along and this served the cylon cause well.

Play progressed with treachery cards cropping up all over, mutiny cards flowed and the humans were in and out of the brig like nobodies business but ultimately this served just to waste time as 'choice' crisis on those who were left out and about left plenty of cards for de-brigging (and prowess came out too)

Tory (human) managed to misread crisis card colours and try to 'help' a check with green thinking it was positive. Cally (human) promptly shot her and revealing a final five loyalty distributed yet more treachery, Tory reappeared as New Helo since they were pilotless (well, political Lee didn't fancy crumpling his suit).

Humans stayed distracted from Demetrius being kept busy by Dradis contacts and clearing seven bait ships from behind Galactica that built up over a few turns. However effective XOing (a small crowd gathered in command during SOE - starbuck got a 2nd supercrisis) and their refusal to roll below 7 on main batteries rapidly kept the board clear.

Never mind thought Starbuck, fuel will get them in the end.

But it wasn't to be, as jump symbols flowed 'a civilian colony' (3 dist for 2 fuel) 'remote planet' (2 dist for 1 fuel) and +2 fuel from cards saw fuel looking almost plentiful Distance Traveled: 5.

Immediately post sleeper Cain and Lee had a tusstle over blind jumping. "I refuse to blind jump without scouting" vs "Blind jump now or you're in the brig" Lee won and to Starbuck's horror 'Cylon raiders' (3 dist for zero fuel) popped out. Distance Traveled: 8

Turning attention to ships dual Basestars on the board launched twice and starbuck popped out 2 heavy raiders and 4 more raiders putting around 23 cylon ships in a single sector ahead of galactica.

Admiral New Zarek (cylon since start) scored a forward XO from Helo to deal with the massed fleet.

Being a relatively new player New Zarek (yes, a Cylon) decided being admiral was useful (Cain was already a mission specialist) and obligingly aimed to win favour by launching a strat planned nuke at said 23 cylon ships.

Starbuck resigned herself to a 2 cylon vs 4 human game. As luck would have it the nuke missed and took down a single base star. The fleet dispersed and began chasing down the remains of the Human civilian fleet.

Cally (cylon sleeper) was spurred into action, another novice passed up a 'damage galactica' reveal to attempt and try to tank a mission. The humans ignored the mission with a weak downside and some treachery cards came out, President Lee locking the not-so-nice girl up on his turn.

New Zarek used his new found human credentials to continue cylon hunting and executed chief with a crisis... he returned as New Baltar to keep the blue cards flowing

More crisis came around, the human fleet jumped, luck slowly came back the Cylons way, the only jump specialist Cain had that would get the humans home was remote moon (3 distance for 3 fuel) Distance Traveled: 11

Humans were now down to 2 pop and 1 fuel. The fuel ship and fuel damage token were still out there.

Starbuck immediately jumped the massive cylon fleet back in (earlier jump track manipulation came back to bite them)

New zarek finally admitted to being a cylon at this point

"but... you were a cylon and you tried to nuke my fleet! that was totally not cool" yelled starbuck jabbing a finger

"I wanted them to trust me -Zarek

"but....but..." -Starbuck

"ok ok i won't do that next time" -Zarek

After some consultation (not wanting to reveal and give the humans extra resources) Zarek activated another mission... 2 distance and -fuel on failure. Humans threw everything in and passed! they were alive. More outrageously they were at Distance Traveled: 13

However it seemed that mission stretched them too far, Cally now having *finally* made it over cylon-side used here first cylon action of the game to supercrisis the humans with 'fire all missiles'.

Humans failed this one by a mile having no cards and there was a 'damage galactica' consequence activation to boot. 2 ships and 2 damage to try and find the -2 pop or -1 fuel needed to win from 8 civvies (2 empty, 1 double pop, 1 fuel ships still out) and all 8 galactica damage tokens to choose from.

Ships were popped first... -1 pop and an empty one -apparent disaster

2 Damage tokens were flipped fuel and admirals quarters went up in smoke!

Cylons had won.... a slightly frustrated Starbuck vented they could have made things alot easier for themselves.

And declared Cain was still overpowered.

However the cylons had caught the humans just in time.

...and a new player learned the important lesson: "If you're a Cylon, and the CFB is in play, don't try to nuke 23 cylon ships to make yourself 'popular' with the humans"

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