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Regular Skype Games DH2 anyone?

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So I had this idea. While the Beta is up in the air, why don't we play our own modified version of DH2 and get some genuine feedback from the community on it. Then, us all being users of the forum, we can individually feedback onto the game thread.


I was going to run Edge of Darkness if anyone is up for it as a Skype game. I'll apply some small OW elements and throw up the rules if people are interested.

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I think that's a great idea. It's something we should have done more during the beta period.


I'd love to participate, if time zones allow (I'm in GMT+1, which usually means I can't have any fun).


Though... Does it make much sense, from a testing perspective? We have no idea what to test now. We can make up house rules, sure, but that's not likely to be very targeted...

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I'm living in Manchester, so I think we could work this out!


In terms of not knowing what to test, I have a few things to say:

1/ Well if I want to argue that the beta would be better with x, y and z changes I'd like to run that game and see what everyone thinks

2/ I get the feeling that FFGs don't 100% know what they want so play tests of in between versions may help them a lot

3/ When they do release a new version we'll have an established group, ready to try it out.


To that end, how does everyone feel about recording the game (audio, not visual)?


I'll advertise on DarkReign too, let's see what we can hobble together.

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Not at first because of the open nature of Edge of Darkness makes it hard to pre-think maps, but maybe in the future games. I'd certainly be up for a map based game if someone else was to run one.

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Character Creation Rules:

Use the standard creation rules from the book.

You may use the point system or the dice rolling system, but if you use the dice rolling system you need to roll during the intro session. If you catch me on skype and we have some time we might be able to get that out of the way beforehand, but we're not using the faith system!

When purchasing talents you can pick from anywhere on the tree.

Swapping equipment will only be allowed in extreme circumstances (EG you want to be a Chirurgeon that's not of Adeptus Administratum Background). Rest assured everyone will get a chance to upgrade/modify their load-out early on in the game.


Remember to make use of the Updates as well as the DH2 rules:



Note: I'm a big fan of the aptitudes system, but I'm not going to go through all the work of giving everyone aptitudes right now. For simplicity's sake we can use the system in place for attribute/skill/talent costs.

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Armory Changes:

Basically you can ignore the armory in the DH2 pdf and take the one int the OW rulebook instead. This means we will also be using the OW range system, weapon qualities, craftsmanship rules, etc.

We will be using the AP system from DH2 so each weapon will be given a RoF and a Max AP (the max number of AP you can spend on firing this weapon per turn) as follows:



Laspistol: RoF 1, Max AP 2

Lasgun Carbine: RoF 1, Max AP 2
Lasgun: RoF 2, Max AP 2
Long Las: RoF 1, Max AP 1
Hotshot Laspistol:  RoF 1, Max AP 2
Hotshot Lasgun:  RoF 2, Max AP 2
Man portable Lascannon: RoF 1/2, Max AP 2
M41 Multi-Laser: RoF 4, Max Ap 4
Autopistol: RoF 2, Max AP 3
Stub Revolver: RoF 1, Max AP 1
Stub Automatic: Rof 1, Max AP 2
Hand Cannon: RoF 1, Max AP 1
Sniper Rifle: ROF 1, Max AP 1
Autogun: RoF 2, Max AP 4
Shotgun: RoF 1,Max AP 1
Combat Shotgun:  RoF 1,Max AP 3
Heavy Stubber: RoF 3, Max AP 4
Autocannon: RoF 2, Max AP 4
Bolt Pistol:  RoF 1, Max AP 2
Boltgun: RoF 2, Max AP 2
Storm Bolter: RoF 2, Max AP 4
Heavy Bolter:  RoF 3, Max AP 4
Plasma Pistol:  RoF 1, Max AP 2
Plasma Gun:  RoF 1, Max AP 2
Plasma Cannon:  RoF 1/2, Max AP 2

Inferno Pistol:  RoF 1/2, Max AP 2

Melta Gun:  RoF 1/2, Max AP 2

Multi-Melta:  RoF 1/3, Max AP 3



Hand Flamer:   RoF 1/2, Max AP 2

Flamer:  RoF 1/2, Max AP 2

Heavy Flamer:  RoF 1/3, Max AP 3



Grenade Launcher:  RoF 1/2, Max AP 2

Missile Launcher:  RoF 1, Max AP 1



Bolas: RoF 1/3, Max AP 3

Crossbow/Handbow:   RoF 1, Max AP 1

Bow:   RoF 1/2, Max AP 2

Throwing Knife:   RoF 1, Max AP 3



Needle Pistol:   RoF 1, Max AP 2

Needle Rifle:  RoF 1, Max AP 1

Web Pistol:  RoF 1, Max AP 1

Webber:  RoF 1, Max AP 1


Grenade 1/2

Melta Bomb 1/3



Chain blade: RoF 1/2, Max AP 4

Chainaxe: RoF 1/2, Max AP 4

Chainsword:  RoF 1, Max AP 2

Eviscerator:  RoF 1/4, Max AP 4

(2d10+4, pen 4, Unbalanced, Tearing Felling, Very Rare)



Power Axe: RoF 1/2, Max AP 4

Power Fist: RoF 1/3, Max AP 3

Power Maul: RoF 1, Max AP 2

Power Sword: RoF 1, Max AP 2


 Low Tech

Great Weapon: RoF 1/3, Max AP 3

Knife: RoF 1/2, Max AP 4

Improvised: RoF 1, Max AP 2

Sword: RoF 1, Max AP 2

Staff: RoF 1, Max AP 2

Warhammer: RoF 1/3, Max AP 3

Whip: RoF 1/3, Max AP 3

Unarmed: RoF 1/2, Max AP 2



Sword: RoF 1, Max AP 2

Staff: RoF 1, Max AP 2



Availability For requisition, etc use the modifiers listed in OW pg 163 Table 6-2 Under Availability by Front Conditions - Multiple Regiments

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Actually up all swords Max AP to 3.


I'm looking over psychic powers looking for some easy tweaks. Any suggestions Magnus? Should I just swap the whole lot out for OW, or do you want to play with the system as it is?


After that I only have some minor changes to post and I'll think there's an editable pdf character sheet around the boards somewhere...

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Actually up all swords Max AP to 3.


I'm looking over psychic powers looking for some easy tweaks. Any suggestions Magnus? Should I just swap the whole lot out for OW, or do you want to play with the system as it is?


After that I only have some minor changes to post and I'll think there's an editable pdf character sheet around the boards somewhere...


Well.. I would run it as-is (DH2). I would also be very careful with swapping out the armoury like that.


I guess I'm not sure what the goal of this is. I'm happy to play around, but if we're testing something, we should have a defined purpose for that test. I think swapping entire chapters out for OW rules lacks direction.


What's our goal?

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The goal is to show FFGs what I suggest for changes and that they work (or don't we'll see during gameplay). I get the feeling that during this transition period that's what they're looking for. When they give us our new super update we can switch over to that.


I think an armoury in line with OW is much better for several reasons (which I'll open a new thread for if you like), so I'd like to play a few games with it to see how it works out. I'm not saying what I'm proposing here is perfect. I'm saying they might be a step in the right direction lets try them out.


Considering there have been a lot of complaints about push I'll look into a quick fix for it, but otherwise I'll leave the powers chapter alone. I'll update the thread with the last of my updates tonight. (Man have I got a lot to do tonight!)

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OK so the final set of tweaks are as follows:


You can only acquire ammunition for your own weapons
Untrained is at -20 like in OW
Dodge is based on Perception
New skill "Incoming" for getting 1 movement action to get out of the radius of an AoE weapon based on Agility
Move "Deny the Witch" to Psyniscience and change it to Toughness
Attribute cap of 60 across the board (Again I prefer moving to an aptitude based system, but this simplification helps deal with the wound system as it stands)
You can buy talents from anywhere in the tree.
Charging gives you back 1 ap that can only be used on an attack on the target of your charge. You can combine it with as many other AP to make as large an attack as you wish. If it hits the first hit adds the distance moved in the charge to the strength of the hit. If your next action isn't an attack or isn't this turn you loose the extra ap and strength bonus.
Pushing Psychic Powers:
If your focus power test is a negative, you trigger perals of the warp.
Psy-focus behaves as per the rules in the DH2 Beta

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So I've made all my DH2 DM Notes (ie what I'd put on a DM screen). In terms of DM set-up I'm prety much ready to go for Saturday.


In terms of software setup I still need to find/install an application for recording voice from skype. I'm thinking this one:

And I also still want to test out the group call function in skype, next time I can find a few of us around.



Hopefully by the end of the first session we will have gotten our character creation out of the way and perhaps the briefing and any equipment aquisition anyone wants to try and do.


The good news is I've found some interesting backgrounds for Edge of Darkness on so I might be able to get us some maps for session 2 on roll20

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Mission Progress:
The Group was Briefed and equipped by Interrogator Inquisitor Sand, who shows them a body found with a sizable bio-constructed parasite in it. The body was found in an industrial district of the hive called Sintilla.
They aquired some extra equipment and headed off to sintilla.
Sintilla is a run-down cut off area of the hive with only 2 ways in or out.
Straight away the group decide to search the apartment of the diseased, finding inside his Sister. After some harsh questioning she reveals that people have been disappearing on a nightly basis and that the enforcers in the area are not to be trusted. She also mentions that her apartment was trashed last night while she stayed in the deceased place hoping for his return.
Leaving the sister to her faith the group checks out her apartment. It is indeed destroyed and they find heavy robotic footprints and claw markings like those of a combat servitor.
From here the gang starts to search for rumours in the local market but everyone is two closed lipped. Instead they enjoy some rat burgers.
Realising that it is getting late they decide to get a room in the hostel. They meet the strung out owner.
They take shifts sleeping and notice that the owner checks on their door twice during the night.
The second time the PC approached him and managed to get back the price of the room for some obsura.
In the morning the group decides to go to the local watering hole in search of answers to what's going on at night.
Here everyone was even more close-mouthed, and the PCs realise this was the front for some sort of criminal organisation. However, some good roles and bribing managed to convince 1 of the more heavy set men to meet them in 2 hours by the church, where he would tell them what was going on. They also overheard the name of the organisation "The Logicians"
In the mean time the group decides to return to the hostel and try to use the owner's addiction to get him to tell them what he knows. When he sees the medic's stash of drugs (in his medikit) he is very forthcoming, even coming out of his cage to talk. He tells the group about the Body Snatchers, big beasts of metal and flesh with glowing red eyes that take people away in the night, but he knows nothing else.
The party decide to knock him out and search his room. The owner puts up a struggle and tries to escape, but is eventually knocked out. One PC has to go to the markets to find cable ties to bind his hands and feet and it takes so long they realise they are late for their meeting at the church.
When they arrive at the church (after leaving the Hostel Owner tied up in the hostel), they find the man they did the deal with leaving, flanked by 6 other heavily armed men.
Tailing them back to the drinking hole the acolytes decide to go in and intimidate the man that betrayed them. However they are recognised the moment they reenter the bar and everyone opens fire on them. After some failed negotiation/bribery the battle begins in earnest. Taking a few minor wounds, the party manages to take the upper hand killing 6 gangers, and injuring 3 more before the boss comes down touting a heavy-stubber.
Seeing most of his gang dead the Boss calls a cease-fire and offers the acolytes work as hit men.
He tells them that he has made a deal with a group called the Logicians for drugs but this group is now drawing too much attention to itself. He wants its leaders dead and he's willing to pay, even equipping the PCs with extra ammo for the job.


This is where the session ended. I’m now waiting for backgrounds from 2/3 players before I zip everything up and send it to FFGs.

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AP for reloading:
Pistols and Basic - Half Action = 2Ap, Full Action = 3Ap, Y Full = Yx3Ap
Heavy- Half Action = 2Ap, Full Action = 4Ap, Y Full = Yx4Ap

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Session 2 Progress:

The group heads to the Alms House and notices that it's guarded by Enforcers but letting the general public in for food.

They get in without a problem and get food like everyone else. They fail to strike up any major conversation with any of the locals and notice that people seem to be in a hurry to eat and leave as quickly as posible. While eating a younster pickpockets one of the group and Eizen spots him running away. Chace follows him, but is unwilling to run and draw attention to himself, so the kid gets away.

The enforcer on the enterence to the food hall heads upstairs. Chace tails him but find the enterence to upstairs locked. The group returns downstairs and checks out the shrine room within the Alms house. They find a good place to hide and while waiting sees the Enforcer look in the door along with a well dressed man. They don't see the party and they leave quickly.

To pass time while waiting for the Alms house to close down Chace tells of the first time he killed sombody and how it made him realise that he can fight back. Azarch tell him he should have just got a dog.

After lights out the group heads upstairs in the Alms house. Auspex shows movement in one of the offices and upstairs. The group decides to to check out the further end of thefloor while leaving Eizen to cover the office. However, in crossing the floor Chace clatters accross some rubble and alerts the man in the office. This man arrives at the door and recognises the acolites. He asks them if they are the gang that shjot up the drinking hole. Eizen sneaks behind the man and pulls him back into his own office. The man identifies himself as a supplier of high end drugs and is willing to supply the new gang if they're interested. He claims no knowledge of the body snatchers when asked, nor of the logicians but Eizen spots him scrambelling for something under his desk. The group push harder with their questioning until the office door is broken in by a group of body snatchers and an enforcer. The enemy quickly overwelm and knock out the acolites.

The group comes to naked and strapped vertically to gurnies in a room full of corpses. By the looks of the corpses they were victims of some biological experimentation. Beside the group there is a survivor. Also strapped vertically with signs of recient surgery. Wires and tubes run out of him and into a cognitator. Azarch managed to get his left hand free by breaking it. Spotting a bit of broken gurney on the ground he frees himself and Chace before Eizen hears something in the hall. The acolites pretend to still be strapped to the gurneys and Azarch hides the peace of metal. Into the room walks a creature that seems to be sown together out of the dead, with puss running out between each of it's parts. On it's arm it has a small chainblade. The construct walks up to each of the prisoners and shecks them over, sniffing them. At Chace it hesitates, at this point Azarch leaps on it driving the bit of gurney into it's eye and the creaturn drops like a sack of potatoes.

When they are all free the group searches the room finding all of their equipment minus weapons, amunition and armour in a corner. They also find some rags to cover themselves with. Azarch takes some samples from the flesh golum, finding what looks like a keycard as he does so. He also checks the survivor. Finding that they cannot revive him Azarch cuts into the man to see if he can find anything unusual about the man. Indeed he finds a creature simular to the one that was in Saul. Unfortunatly, the man expires diring the proceedure.

Exploring the rest of the floor the group find some primitive weapons (bows, hand bows and knives) in a cabonette. Unwilling to go back downstairs the group searches for another way out. They only find a heavy armoured door. Deciding to be brave the group sets up and uses the passkey on the door. It opens to reveal a labratory complete with the Churgeon, a tech apt more machine than human and covered in blades, another flesh construct and a body snatcher. The insuing violence is drawn out, and the Churgeon seporates from a metal bladed construct on her back and tries to escape through an escape shute. Azarch gets there first and jumps down. In the mean time the blade construct sets off a bomb on a timer. The Churgeon jumps down the sute followed by the rest of the party and finally the body snatcher. Eizen has his leg broken while trying to hold back the Body snatcher, while the other two atempt to subdue the Churgeon. When they hit the ground they all manage to get out of the way of the blast except the man-catcher which is distroyed. Azarch uses his auspex to find the fleshy part of of the Churgeon and Chase drove a needle full of obcura into it, knocking her out. With the top of the Alms house blown out the party notice its staff allong with the enforcers escape the area.
The group haulled the churgeon back to the administration district and are meat at the rail station by a group of Arbites who heard they were coming. Demanding that they identify themselves. Azarch, identifies them as members of the Inquisition and Interigator Inquisitor Sand shows himself and attests to their identites. He bundells the group alond with the Churgeon into his ground car and return to the headquarters.

Sand admonishes the group for their lack of subilty but says he can't argue with the results. He is paticuarly pleased about their new connection to the narco gang, the samples they collected and the capture of the Churgeon. He says he will take care of their wounds but after that they can return to their assumed lives on Coscarla and await orders.

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Exp Breakdown:
Survival - 500xp
Bio Samples - 100xp

Capture the Churgeon - 200xp
Conection to the Gang - 150xp + 5Inf

Total: 950xp + 5Inf



Chace - Identifying as a drug dealer to the Hostel Owner - 1Inf

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