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Dark Bunny Lord

Defense sequence vs errata, makes no sense.

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Ok so I am... confused as **** on the rules. I have both the errata pdf, the playershandbook, and gm handbook.

So in the players handbook it states that the attacker builds a sequence and then the defender builds a sequence with at least one defense move per attack targeted at them.

Both roll. The attacker spends their successes first on any moves perceeding getting within reach of the defender (moving, etc). Then the attackers reamaining successes are compared to the defenders remaining successes.
This is where the confusion comes in and the books don't seem to agree. If the defender gets more they successfully defend, the PHB says that the defender then spends his net successes from left to right, ie if the defense sequence was block, block, ready, strike and they had 3 net successes they'd do block, block, ready.
Now this doesn't seem to make much sense as the blocks (I'd have thought) would have been taken care of once the attackers seqeunce was cancelled (what point would there be then as 1 net success in the above example would be just as good as 2)...
Yet the Errata states that it doesn't work this way and in it's example then proceeds to say that it DOES work this way... I just need a straight answer. With 3 net successes would it be block, block, ready or ready strike or something else entirely... love the game but this vital section is so poorely written it's painful.

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What you state is correct, if you have a defense sequence of;


Blobk - Block - Ready - Strike


With 3 Net successes, you will only perform the 2 block actions, but will not be able to counter attack.

While this may seem wrong for you, the first thing defense is supposed to do is fend off the attacker, if it results in a counter attack that's nice..but not really the thing you'd be aiming for first.


Right now, it already gives soem advantages to the defender in that move or other actions are things you do not need to defend (but the attacker still needs successes for them). If anyone was to go for a lot of Power actions, and then the strike, you still need to defend against just 1 attack, making it a little more advantagous to have multiple attacks, rather then lot's of preperation for just 1 powerfull one.



Still though, if you have Karmic Release or Karmic restraint, you can STILL mannage to turn this event into a win or bringing it down to exactly what you need.

After the bid is resolved, and you have the 3 Net successes (but only need 2), you can;


If you got Karmic Restraint;

Pull back the one Karma point you have that is "too much", and would otherwise be wasted




If you got karmic Release;

Add one extra Karma point you have, and thus add 1 extra Net success to get in the "Strike" as well.


Sorry for not having noticed this, not on here so much..

In general, not much activity here, so if you ever need quick answer you might want to look at other forums or the G+ community of Fireborn.


Just in case though, subscribed to this topic in case other questions pop up :)

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