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Quick mythos card question

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The Mythos card, Manhunt in Arkham, reads:


All monsters in locations are returned to the cup.


I'm pretty sure the Outskirts is not covered by this card, but what about the Sky? Is the Sky an Arkham location?

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Another Mythos card query....


"No One Can Help You Now"


 Gates cannot be sealed, although they can still be closed.


If this card is in play when an investigator returns from an Other World location, can the investigator indefinitely 'camp' at the location and wait for a different Environment card to be drawn before closing and sealing the gate?


As I understand it an investigator does not have to close a gate immediately after his/her return to Arkham. As long as the investigator stays in that same location they keep an 'explored marker' underneath them and can't be pulled back through the gate. But this also means that they don't have a normal Arkham Encounters phase or an Other World Encounters phase either. Have I got that right? 

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