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Well I have a similar question. I bought in to wave 1 but then took a hiatus and now I'm getting back in. Here is what I currently have:

3 - X-wing (1 from expansion)

1 - Y-wing

5 - TIE (1 from expansion)

1 - TIE Advanced

1 - Firespray

My next purchase is going to be a YT-1300. In addition if I come across a $12 Target Core I will scoop that up in a heartbeat. I'm also planning on being relatively conservative with my purchases so I want to prioritize things from here.

For a Rebel list (and aside from the aforementioned YT-1300, what should I add next? I figure there will be decent builds with a YT and some X-wings that will be sufficient. Are there any necessary upgrades I "need" that come with another ship? I wouldn't mind getting an A-wing but should I look at a B-wing or HWK first?

And for an Imperial list I am leaning towards picking up at least 1 but possibly 2 Interceptors. Are those preferable to a Bomber or Lambda?

Any feedback would be most appreciated?

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A-Wings are nice and I believe they include Push the Limit which is a nice Elite Pilot Talent Upgrade to have. Interceptors are pretty much A-Wings without shields and a Primary Weapon Value of 3 instead of 2. Fairly good ship from what I've seen. I definitely will be picking up Interceptors and a Firespray next time I grab some expansions.

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