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New Descent Monsters App for Android

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Hi everyone. Since I was having problems choosing the monster group that was more appropriate for the encounter that I was about to play, I decided to develop an application with a database of all existing monsters (both 1st and 2nd Edition).


I'm not trying to compete with the "Descent Assistant v2" app, since my goal is different. I'm very happy with the other app, but it lacks the characteristics of all monsters (minion and leader) for each act (I and II) are not shown in an easy way and there is no description for the abilities.


At the moment, this is what is supported:

Version 1.0.0

  • All released expansions included (Descent 1st Ed, Well of Darkness, Altar of Despair, Tomb of Ice, Descent 2nd Ed, Lair of Wyrm and Labyrinth of Ruin).
  • Trait and attack type filtering.
  • Enable/Disable expansions via settings.
  • Supported Languages: English/Spanish.
  • Complete monster stats (attack type, attack/defense dice, health, speed, name, monster group size, abilities, traits and base size).

Version 1.1.0 is likely to be published by the end of next week and it will add:

  • Images for all monsters.
  • Descriptions for each ability (with integrated icons for awareness, might, etc..)

The app is completely free with no adds. If you want to give it a try, just search for Descent Monsters in the Play Store or press the follwing link:



If you find any kind of errors or you have suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me.

I hope you enjoy it!


Here are some screenshots:




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Is this available for the iphone? Please say yes x.x I would for sure use it.

I'm really sorry, but it's only available for Android. I just don't have more time to develop the app for another OS. Maybe in a future, but now is impossible.

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I have received the same mail and I'm really upset. I don't know why they treat us like that. Both apps, your's and mine, are completely free and do no harm to anybody.


I've asked if it is possible to continue with the project removing the images, but your's doesn't have any (official, I mean) and sitll got the same mail.


Sorry Amphiprion, your app was truly great. I was looking forward to future updates.

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The problem is that they have to be seen protecting their IP. What you guys are doing may not necessarily hurt anyone, but the more they let happen, the more that someone else has the ability to try and do something that FFG would have a case against, and in defense, that person could say "Look at all of these others that you didn't do anything to and that you let run for ever, you're now being discriminatory." At that point, their case becomes more difficult to win.


Any time you're making something for public consumption that uses someone else's work without licensing it from them (whether it's paid, uses ads, or nothing at all), you're generally treading on a lot of thin ice. You can try and argue "fair use", but that generally only works if you want to take it to court. And if they are making their call based on "are you making money or not", it's really difficult for them to try and keep watching every app which could easily turn advertisements on with a simple update, so it's easier to just stop it from the get-go.


If you really want to do something, it should be something more like Vassal, where Vassal has absolutely no inherently copyrighted content, and everything is user-created. Vassal is safe and companies would have to target each user's mod creation. Then if your app loaded a "Descent Creature" database, the app is still safe, and while you might not be able to distribute the database, just make it easy enough for everyone to create their own if they desire.

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I believe they did. Both developers mentioned receiving letters from FFG about them. (While the content of the letters wasn't posted, the posts heavily implied that they were take-down notices.

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