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Equipment good for PDF/Rebels/Chaos

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I was thinking up some equipment for enemy forces in my new campaign and thought I'd share for creative criticism and on the off-chance someone out there might find them useful.


I'm worried that I've made the Klergstop stub rifle too heavy (but the weapons in the game seem overly heavy compared to reality so I tried to make it comparitively heavy).  The other thing is I think I might have gone a bit mad with the rocket varient of the N20 half-track, possibly made it a bit harsh with what could go wrong with it.

Klergstop Stub Rifles
These simple rifles or ones very similar to them can be found all over the imperium.  They are unwieldy, heavy, slow fireing with small magazines.  However they are simple to manufacture and maintain, reliable, long ranged and hard hitting as well a sharing ammunition with some heavy stubbers.  These positive characteristics can often outweigh the negatives for many users and as such it is often found in the hands of PDF troopers, local security forces, frontier gangs, rebels and heretics, even on occasion the imperial guard.
Class: Basic
Range: 150m
RoF: S/-/-
Dam: 1d10+4 I
Pen: 3
Clip: 10
Rld: Full
Special: Reliable
Weight: 7kg
Availibility: Average

Sheretan Assault Carbine
This simple automatic weapon is a cheap and easy way to boost the short range firepower of poorly trained or low quality troops without stretching a low tech base too far.  As such cultists, PDF troopers, gangers, security troops and rebels love this weapon.
Class: Basic
Range: 45m
RoF: S/-/6
Dam: 1d10+2 I
Pen: 0
Clip: 60
Rld: 2Full
Weight: 4.5kg
Availibility: Average

For Half-Tracks I used the rules for tracked vehicles

N20 Half-Track APC
Type: Tracked Vehicle
Tactical Speed: 20 m
Cruising Speed: 55 kph  
Manoeuvrability: –10
Structural Integrity: 25
Size: Massive Armour: Front 25, Side 18, Rear 15
Vehicle Traits:  Open Topped, Rugged, Tracked Vehicle
Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Commander, 1 Gunner (Hull)
Carrying Capacity: 12 (plus wargear)

- Hull mounted autocannon M34 Autocannon Heavy 300m S/3/– 3d10+8 I, Pen 6, Clip:20, Rld:2Full, Special:Ogryn-Proof, Reliable 40kg Very Rare
- 2x pintle mounted heavy stubbers Heavy Stubber Heavy 100m –/–/8 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip:75, Rld:2Full, Special:Ogryn-Proof 30kg Rare

Rocket Support Varient (2 additional crew to man a twinlinked missile turret (2 attacks but must be against the same target vehicle or squad or may fire one each turn alternately with tubes being reloaded to maintain fire, loader must make a very easy (+50) agillity role each round the weapon is loaded and fired or be hit by the back blast from the missile as if being hit by a hand flamer), looses the carrying capacity and gains the extremely volitile rule.

Command and Control Varient (2 additional crew and gains the command and control or improved command and control traits, looses carrying capacity)

Ambulance (unarmed, looses the open topped rule, Carrying capacity is 8 walking wounded or 4 stretcher cases, gains two extra medical trained crew, +20 to medical tests due to increased equipment and supplies).

Anti-Air (Twin linked Autocannon Turret (2 attacks but must be agains the same target vehicle or squad)

AT70 Reaver
Type: Tracked Vehicle
Tactical Speed: 16 m
Cruising Speed: 45 kph  
Manoeuvrability: –10
Structural Integrity: 35
Size: Massive Armour: Front 32, Side 25, Rear 20
Vehicle Traits:  Enclosed, Tracked Vehicle
Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Commander, 1 Gunner (Hull), 1 Gunner (Turret), 1 Loader (Turret)
Carrying Capacity: 0

- Turret 105 Hypervelocity gun Vehicle 600m S/–/– 3d10+9 X Pen 6, Rld:3Full, Special:Blast (7), Concussion (3), Reliable
- Lascannon Heavy 300m S/–/– 5d10+10 E, Pen 10, Clip 5, Rld:2Full, Special:Proven (3)


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Looks good. Traditionally, PDF troops and cultists have had solid slug round weapons.

The Klergstop is not a million miles away from the Steadholder Lever Gun (I think it was called), which was a civilian winchester-style rifle in Dark Heresy.

The Sheretan is essentially an autopistol with a bigger magazine.

Supposedly there was a half-track thing called the A70 - it's mentioned in Epic Armageddon, and used the same engine as the chimera.

Twin-linked was, I thought, already a trait in the rulebook?

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Many of the SP weapons are rebel/Chaos friendly, like the heavy stubber and the Reaver long rifle from BC. If Necromunda is any indication, there's no reason to shy away from flamers or chain weapons, either.

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