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Isador Martellus

Making a ship

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So I am in the infancy stages of a new Deathwatch Adventure (with a new team) and I really feel as if the ship they frequently travel on (probably a strike cruiser of some sort?) should really be fleshed out and... well ... made a character in it's own right...
And in turn making decisions to do with the ship a lot more significant rather than just their ride (making events such as boarding parties whilst escaping an enclosing tyranid tendril , Orks attempting to pirate / salvage some of the ship for scrap metal ect ect) 
And over all actually giving the characters something for them to get... attached to if it doesn't sound too cheesey for space marines ;D  I mean they find their armour and weapons sacred... even their tools... and their ship is probably the most homely tool they will ever have... 
And hence a great staging point for new "sub missions" in a longer, away from erioch, campaign :D 
(Also it makes it all the more tragic when I eventually destroy it near the end of some glorious campaign :3... God I am evil :D
So anyway, back on track, I actually need your help as...well... I have no idea where to start as far as the fleshing out of it is like... 
If it as a designated ship would they get personalizations to quarters? Requisitions outside of Weapons and gear (A small librarium perhaps?) and maybe even a place for relaxation and group oath taking/ prayer... *debreifing rooms ect ect* 
I mean come on, the deathwatch ships are HIGHLY modified to meet their needs :D 
But yet some how I am still stuck.... 
So... Any ideas chaps? xD 

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I could see:

* a Librarium for the Psychers to do research en route

* a Rectory or Chapel for everyone to recite their litanies and perform their personal rituals

* briefing/conference room

* Galley for taking their meals

* Gymnasium for stress relief and personal physical training, katas if you will, just like a Karate Dojo

* something like the "Danger room" from the X-Men for training purposes and conducting combat/manuver drills

* Individual quarters, a place they can individualize with personal items and totems from their Home Chapter for them to center themselves

* an Armory with additional weapons and equipment aside from those issued that are kept in personal quarters

* Maintenance/Hangar Bay for Landspeeders, Bikes and such as well as any repairs needed to Armor. Weapons and other gear, any Dreads would be located and maintained by servitors and Rothi here as well

* of course there would be some additional quarters for crew, visitors, dignitaries and so on but would be relatively limited in numbers due to the needs of the vessel being more practical than being a cruise liner

* some sort of Sanctum or Reclusiary for use by any accompanying Inquisitor with all the Inquisitorial securities on comm-links and data feeds and such

* Weapons Bays and associated additional rooms for power generation/distribution for the weapons systems

* Main and secondary ramps/airlocks for entry/disembarking upon reaching deployment destination


Some of these have been described in various BL paperbacks I've read over the years.  Just combining the pertinent ones into a "specialized/customized" vessel for Inquisitorial/Deathwatch use.  Something the size or slightly bigger than a "gun-cutter" though I don't think it would be nearly as big as an Imperial Frigate.  I've not played Battle Fleet Gothic nor Rogue Trader so I'm unfamiliar with Vessel Classes and their associated sizes.

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I can also see a Kill-Team becoming supersticious/attached to their means of delivery and recovery from missions.  An extension of that would be them becoming fiercely protective of it, not solely for the practical element (only way out when the time comes for extraction) but as a totem or charm of sorts, a ritual blessing from the Emperor delivering them to perform their mission and then safely recovering them afterwards.

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A large frigate/destroyer is probably more likely. Unless they've got several kill-teams stationed with them, a strike cruiser designed to carry an entire company and launch a planetary invasion is probably overdoing it for half-a-dozen marines....


You can't get much smaller than that and still be warp-capable.


A heavily modified astartes frigate is probably most likely - the Nova, Hunter and Gladius classes are the fastest imperial ships in space, and can outfight most things they can't outrun. A couple of kilometres long, fast, lean and armed to the teeth


If stationed there, then yes, you'd have:


personal quarters - a stateroom, modified to taste if they're based permenantly aboard


training chapels (complete with weapons servitors to fight)


a reclusiam (I wouldn't let the players pick relics freely when not on erioch but you might personally chose a relic to be held in the ship's chapel) - following a nice trick in the Ultramarines film, this is at the stern of the bridge tower, so the 'engine glow' shines through the big stained glass window. This is where oaths would be sworn, in front of the relics. This helps underline the awesomeness of them when you actually get to take them with you on the mission.


Strategium - a deck near the bridge, possibly an observation dome or something, with tactical displays and librarium with all sorts of obscure information  for planning missions. Big hololithic tactical display


Astropathic choir tower - half a dozen or more astropaths wired into the system, to allow you to receive vast amounts of heavily encrypted data.


a workshop and an armoury - vastly over-equipped for a single kill-team but with items and vehicles for every eventuality.


small laboratorium and a junior magos biologis for poking xenos samples.


Some sort of trophy room. Just because.


A small hangar - a single thunderhawk or stormraven, a couple of lighters for crew/cargo, plus a drop pod launch tube.


macrobatteries - a gun-deck. Not comparable in calibre to the guns of a 'true' warship but massively more sophisticated.


Augury deck - an aquilla prow stuffed full of sensors for being all sneaky-like. Specifically designed for accurate orbital fire.


Torpedo tube. Just a couple, providing orbital bombardment, antiship punch or the ability to deliver the kill-team via boarding torpedo.


Engineerium - the engine deck - the size of your average regional power plant.


Void shields. I imagine the Deathwatch would also have reflex fields - which are essentially shields turned inside-out, essentially acting as a cloaking system. They absorb any stray energy emissions from the ship, but mean you have to 'run silent', with every non-essential system shut down.


Above all, note that even a 'small', 'advanced' warship has a crew of hundreds of serfs and thousands of servitors and would take half an hour to walk from end to end, even without allowing for the twists and turns of decks and bulkheads.

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Wow, nice... I might use some of this myself :D


well, there are only one thing i can think of, its some sort of place where they can get knowledge, with scrolls or something... Encrypted and nothing too sensitive, but good to help have anyway.


And maybe one could have a single keeper standing watch (and also to be in charge when the team is away)

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Not to make the obvious suggestions but have you had a look at the mechanics in the Roge Trader Core Rulebook for creating a ship. Also the Battle Fleet Koronus supliment might be useful for you.


Also someone posted this link in another thread:


Which will give you a consept of layouts etc


Here's the thread:

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