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EOTE Beginner's Game at Gryphon Games and Comics Cheyenne Tuesday nights

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So tonight I ran the Escape from Mos Shuuta from 4 people at Gryphon Games and Comics in Cheyenne, WY. It was a blast running the new system for the guys. Everyone is still learning how the new system is played, but it seems like it is going on it. As always understanding how to spend advantage, triumphs and dispair are definitely a challenge in the new system. One handout I wish I had made before this system was a handout with the Krayt Fangs stats so I could just hand it over to the players. Something I will have to fix before the next game. The wookie ended up taking out Trex in the final battle, but during the space combat when they killed the final fighter (I said they were V-Wings instead of TIEs), they rolled a dispair as well as two successes. So I let them succeed in killing the fighter, and during the final description of them jumping to light speed, I panned their scene down to the landing bay, and described Trex getting up from the ground still alive. Looking forward to the next game, although I hope we get a couple more players.



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