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Legen#2 : rule about the 3 runes.

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Rule is a bit contradictory..

Please clarify.

If 1 character gets 1 rune of each color,...

Doe he get ONE single black die to replace one of his regular dice.


Does he replaces ALL his regular dice with black dice.

Thanks for the solution in advance.

Love the game by the way, really awesome.

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Thanks bu what if Dwarf gets the 3 runes, he gets all black dice, right?

Or warrior too.

Not sure why you said it's only good for mage and archer sometimes...

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When u collect all 3 runes ( 1 green , 1 blue , 1 yellow ) remuve all u regular dices and take only 1 black dice no matter how many regular dices u have. This is only good for mage and some tines for archer , cuz warr and dwarf are more powerful to play with helmet , cuz chance to throw pair of dice is high.


when mage throw his black dice 10 its good. And then warr throw 4 dice and use helmet ( dice 2 , 4 , 5 , 5 ) mage can flip his lower dice ( 2 ) to make it 5 . Then warr will have 15 atack power . Then both players will have 25 atack power only from dices.

Mage is good to use ( shield , 3 runes )

Warrior ( helmet , 2 magic herb , 1 magic potion - if warr didnt have pair of dices to double his high dice )

with this combinations both player can make over 50 atack power for 1 battle round

sorry for my bad eng .

Edited by solvine

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Your English is good. I appreciate your clarification.

So when doing team battle, we add all players dice!!

This was our mistake.

We only added the strenght of each char.

We made up to 22.

Then each player rolled his dice.

4 players game, scenario #2 ennemy has 40 str.

So each of us rolled dice +22. But none ever made it past 40!

Best was wiz with 12 with potion becomes 24 + group str of 22 for total of 46.

But impossible to get higher than that.


Its ALL characters as from what I understand for your example "both characters would have 25 from dice only".

Makes perfect sense now.

I will re-read the team combat sheet, perhaps I read too fast.

Case closed and thanks again.

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i'll give u example for team combat:

warrior and mage vs groll,

warrior have ( 1 helmet , 2 magic herb x4 , health - 17 ( using 4 dice ) and 8 point of strenght.

Mage have - 3 rune on his board ( 1 yellow , 1 blue , 1 green ) and 9 point of strenght , no matter how manny health will have mage will play with 1 dice only. In this example he played with black dice.

groll have - 4 health and 2 point of strenght , he play with 2 red dices.

first start mage , he rolled 10 with his black dice + 9 strenght from his board = 19 strenght .

Next is warrior , he roll ( 2 , 4 , 5 , 5 ) , mage use his special ability to flip his lower dice ( 2 ) and make it ( 5 ) . Now he have ( 4 , 5 , 5 , 5 ) but with helmet he can collect pair of dices = 15 power from dices. But he decided to use his both herb with number 4 to add on his strenght for 1 battle round in this case + 8 strenght . Now warrior have 16 strenght + 15 power from dices = 31 . Warrior - 31 power + Mage - 19 power , so both player have 50 power for 1 battle round.

Groll roll his 2 red dices ( 4 , 4 ) = 8 + 2 power strenght from board = 10 power so..

Warrior and Mage with 50 power vs Groll with 10 power . Diffrents is 40 and his take 40 health but he have only 4 health ( insta dead :D )


I hope you understand the example.

Edited by solvine

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