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Go big or go home. The Battle Report

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So 400 points a side makes for one hell of a game.  We started about 430 and got done somewhere between five and six hours later.  It was pretty back and forth for most of the 10 turns and there were a lot of tense moments.  There were also a small number of missed actions, forgotten abilities, wrong turns and a major case of mistaken identity that didn't get noticed until about halfway through the game.  I took over 50 pictures, but due to user error most are either too dark or blurry to be of much use.  I'll see what I can do with them later this week.



Rebels (Yours Truly): 400 points


Wedge Antilles
Expose, Stealth Device
Han Solo
Marksmanship, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Millennium Falcon
Lando Calrissian
Veteran Instincts, Nien Nunb, Gunner, Engine Upgrade

"Psycho" Tycho Celchu
Assault Missiles, Push the Limit, Stealth Device

Horton Salm
Proton Torpedoes, Ion Cannon Turret

Garven Dreis
"Dutch" Vander
R5-K6, Ion Cannon Turret

Arvel Crynyd
Green Squadron Pilot
Veteran Instincts

Biggs Darklighter
R2-D2, Shield Upgrade
Rookie Pilot
Gold Squadron Pilot
Ion Cannon Turret, R5 Astromech


Imperials: 400 points

Mr. B:
Boba Fett
Concussion Missiles, Heavy Laser Cannon, Seismic Charges, Marksmanship, Weapons Engineer , Slave-1
Soontir Fel
Push the Limit, Stealth Device
Mauler Mithel
Turr Phennir
Expose, Stealth Device
"Fel's Wrath"
Night Beast

Mr. J:
Darth Vader
Concussion Missiles, Squad Leader, Engine Upgrade
Swarm Tactics
Kath Scarlet
Cluster Missiles, Ion Cannon, Marksmanship, Mercenary Copilot
Maarek Stele
Cluster Missiles, Marksmanship
Dark Curse
Winged Gundark
Storm Squadron Pilot



Setup and Deployment:

We placed 2 sets of asteroids in the prescribed manner, the only change was range 3 for the short edge due to the table being 6 feet wide.  Playing on a wider table didn't seem too off and at the end of the game ships had been everywhere except the very corners. 

All facings will be from my (Rebels) point of view.  Deploying on the left flank was Gold Squadron Pilot, Dutch, Garven and Tycho "The Psycho" Celchu.  Han and Lando took the middle (or so I thought) with Biggs and Arvel between them.  The Rookie was following Wedge, Horton and the Green Squadron Pilot on the right.  They were facing off against the TIE Advanced Team with Kath.  The TIE Fighters were spread out in the middle of the table, with the Interceptors and Boba on the left.



TURN 1: I Think I Took a Wrong Turn.


The first turn was pretty boring, go figure.  Everyone pretty much started forward, with Dark Curse moving to help the right.  Biggs couldn't find third gear causing Arvel to rear end him, and then Han Solo comes screaming into Arvel like a semi truck into one of those lil "Smart Cars".  At least that how it played out in my mind.  Boba on the far left misjudged an asteroid, but it was a bank so he switched it to the other side giving him a great view of the edge of known space.  Lando and Tycho try to pick on Night Beast, but they must have been looking back laughing because they couldn't hit anything in front of them.  Night Beast was focused on the attack and gave Lando some long range lovin'.  On the right Kath and the Green Squad took ranging shots setting up the next turn.


TURN 2: Here's Where the Fun Begins.


We see the Green Squadron fly right in front of Kath for a bump, Stele cutting off Vader for a loss of 2 actions (a trend that continues until he dies) and Arvel once again getting into Han's way.  Boba just barely makes a hard 2 to stay in the game, while the Interceptors and Backstabber met with the 2 Y-Wings, Pops and Tycho.  Lando dinged Howlrunner and Han got the double Crit to finish her off (even though he didn't shoot first).  One thing I noticed, Interceptors WRECK Y-Wings.  Both Gold and Dutch took some nasty hits, but Fel's Wrath and Backstabber both got Ion tokens in return.  Biggs kills Night Beast, after which he kinda fades into the background for a few turns.  The Storm Squadron hits an Exposed Wedge (ohh the Expose jokes that were flying around) while TIE's pound on Lando breaking through his shields.  So at the end of turn 2 two TIEs are dead and it's still fairly even.


TURN 3: Overexposed


The Rookie being... well a Rookie cut's off Horton, while the Green Pilot causes Vader to hit him (2nd turn no actions).  Biggs guns it, right into the back of Lando who speeds off to help the right flank.  Han just misses Biggs and gets into Range 1 of Mauler.  Backstabber and Turr both move straight 1 due to being Ioned.  Backstabber just missed landing on an asteroid, but Turr bumps and loses his action.  Pops runs into the Gold Squadron Pilot, leaving him in a very bad position.  Backstabber now has him at range 1 and outside of Pops' arc.  A roll of the dice and he bites it hard, being killed by a Minor Explosion.  Boba finally has a shot and hits a shield-less Dutch.  Han Injures Mauler, but he still manages to ding Lando.  Wedge Exposes himself to Vader, taking off his shields.  In return Stele Blinds Wedge just long enough for the Storm Squadron Advanced to deliver the coup de grace.  At this point I've lost 2 X-wings and I see the left flank about to be in very serious trouble.


TURN 4: Who's on the Falcon?


Here the award for most collisions is handed out.  On the left Boba bumps an asteroid, losing a shield.  Soontir get hit by his own Wrath, who then backtracks onto an asteroid committing suicide (this shall now be known as the the Wrath Maneuver).  In a complete fail I hastily assigned a move to the Gold Squadron Y-Wing, landing him on an asteroid and leaving him in Arvel's way. Vader gets tied up with Maarek (now we're at 6 actions lost), the Rookie is chasing after Kath like a school boy in love and Winged Gundark hits Han.  It was at this point I get a good look and Han's base and realize I've had him and Lando confused up until that point.  Oops.  So now we have Hando and Lan.  Lando nails Vader in the Sensors, blinding him to the Green Squadron A-Wing who gets the kill.  Kath beats the Rookie to death like only a crazy red head can.  Watching the poor neutered Mauler running away, Han does the humane thing and puts him out of my misery.  On the left both Dutch and the Gold Squadron get squashed.  I'm starting to get nervous here.


Turn 5: Going Downhill Fast


So I managed not to hit any of my own ships this turn.  Boba however continues his bad piloting streak by running into Tycho and backtracking into an asteroid.  Stele tries to find comfort in an asteroid after watching some chump own Vader.  Dark Curse is confused with the whole Hando/Lan thing he runs into Han to make sure it's really him.  I managed to kill Backstabber, but lose Arvel to Turr and Gundark avenges Vader by killing the Green Squadron Pilot.  At this point I've lost 3 X-wings, 2 Y-Wings and 2 A-Wings to 4 TIE Fighters, 1 Advanced and 1 interceptor.  That nervous feeling is getting bigger.


Turn 6: The Setup


After the halfway point half the ships that started have been destroyed.  Stele gets stuck on Biggs, while on the other side Boba moves right into Hans way.  Fel hits Han hard for 3 damage.  But Lando and Biggs kill the remaining TIE Advanced, leaving just Kath and Gundark on the right.  Maybe I can pull this off?


Turn 7: Da Bomb!


So Han really didn't have many options for moving thanks to some not so well placed asteroids, something Boba took note of.  No one noticed the little blinking light when Fett moved and Han ran right over it.  BOOM! Seismic Charge time.  Turr also didn't see it and took a hit, leaving him a ripe target for Han who didn't pass up the opportunity and scored another kill.  Kath and Horton traded damage, but you could tell she didn't have much fight left.


Turn 8: Monkeys in the Middle!


So here we saw the biggest pile up.  Kath started it by being in Boba's way.  Then Horton hit Kath, Tycho hit Boba, Fel hit Tycho and finally Lando hits Horton.  Seven actions lost due to a single ship.  But it wasn't enough to stop the Rebels.  Both Firesprays saw their demise and Gundark hit Lando, leaving him with 1 Hull left.


Turns 9 & 10: The End


Horton collides with Tycho, but the trap is still laid for Gundark and Fel who fall to Biggs and Lando respectively.  The only Imperial survivor was Dark Curse, I just didn't feel like chasing him down after playing for that long. 


Lando was definitely my MVP with 4 kills and 1 Hull left at the end. 

There were a total of 25 ship collisions and 6 asteroids hit.



All in all we had a great time but man it felt like it took forever.  Big games like this are great every once in a while, but I think the max I'd play regularly is prolly 150-200 points per side.  I hope you've enjoyed reading this and hopefully I can get some of the pictures cleaned up.

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