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Funny Control Lizardman-Empire

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Hello everyone !

I present my new project on deck. Namely, very funny control Lizardman-Empire. For a long time I wanted to do something Lizardman. I think quite clearly fell into the empire.

Combination Lizard-Empire  ^_^ 

Card List :

Unit (30) :

Peasant Militia


Van Klumpf’s Buccaneers

Bright Wizard Acolyte

Skinks of Sotek

Sons of Coin

Osterknacht Elite

Rodrik's Raiders

Spawn of Itzl


Deadly Salamander

Friedrich Hemmler

Tactic (9) :

Douse the Flames

Iron Discipline

Called Back

Quest (2) :

Recon in Force

Support (9) :

Contested Village

Church of Sigmar

Temple of Verena

I wanted to create an innovative Lizards. I think that part of me did it  :) 

Link on -



The combination of Lizards - The Empire gives a lot of interesting opportunities in and out of different situations. In my opinion this is very funny !  :D 

Total = 50 cards, 19 distinct


Ask for comments  ;)

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Yeah well... The thing is that pigeon bombs are perfect in lizardmen deck (as well as indirect damage), because you can trigger savage whenever it is necessary. So consider it - it's not different concept. It's just a card that gives you options to trigger savage. 

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