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Advice on my Targaryen, Summer, Viserys deck

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Hey, in my search to make a great 1v1 Targ deck, I decided to attempt this deck. The entire focus of this deck is to get as many attachments as fast as possible onto Viserys to lower my power needed to win. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!




Kings of summer


Loyalty money can buy

Spending the winter stores

The red wedding

Desolate passage

Valar Morghulis

The prince that was promised

Summoning season


Viserys Targaryen X3 (F36)

Kraznys mo Nakloz

Red Warlock X3

Ser Raymun Darry X2

Knight of Flowers (B147)

Captain Groleo X2 (F15)

Ser Rolly Duckfield


Strong Belwas X3 (F34)

Orphaned Recruit X2

Carrion Bird X3

Maester Aemon (T151)

Peyton Hightower


Nightmares X3


Street of Steel

Street of Sisters

Street of Silk

River Row

Castle Darry


Condemned X3

Bodyguard X3

Apprentice Collar X2

Brass Link X2

Tourney Lance

Unburnt X3

Crown of Meereen X2

Flaming Sword

Knighted X3

Art of Diplomacy X2

Formal Petition

Shade of the Evening X3

Champions Favour X3

Dragon Sight

Aegon's Blade

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Might I suggest "Lady Daenerys' Chambers" (Core) to recycle discarded attachments? Also maybe consider using the Maester's Path Agenda which will allow you to bring out chain attachments everytime you win a challenge.

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You probably need more reducers and Meraxes for draw.  Warlocks only work during Summer, so you need Ravens if you expect to use them.  I would also add the old Pentos for saves, get rid of Summoning Season and go with some Heralds instead.

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