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Let the Truth be Buried

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We have not played this YET, but I see a potential issue with the quest.


OL objective is to have everyone's favorite Goblin king, Splig, move the large chain 5 or 6 spaces to the goal so he can jump down the pit safely. Hero's objective is to KO him and all of the open group before he can do that.


This ruling has me concerned.


"If the OL moves the chain link into a hero figure's space, the hero must test (awareness). If he passes, he MAY move to an empty adjacent space. If he fails, he suffers 2(heart) and the OL may move him to an empty adjacent space."


Does this mean that the hero doesn't have to move if he passes and the chain link ends in the hero's space? Is it considered an occupied space that can not be stood on?


Say they stay on the chain link: If it can inhibit movement, and they end that test standing in it, how does that work for the next turn?


This might be a none issue when it comes down to it. All of my heroes have 3 or less in that attribute, but I want to take care of this before it does.


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