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Looking for LCGs in Denver

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Looking for people to play with in Denver. I play all of the LCGs except Cthulu (though I'm not opposed to it, I just don't own it).


DCG (Denver Central Games, formerly Troll Country) has expressed an interest in starting an LCG day on Sundays. There's two board game groups that meet up here every Monday and Thursday, and although the focus is on board games we tend to be open to playing good games, so if there starts to be a side event for LCGs at these weekly gatherings I certainly wouldn't complain (though it is worth mentioning I haven't been to the Thursday group so I won't speak on their behalf, just wanted to give a shout out).  


Wizard's Chest has some events, but the turn out has been scarce. 


These are the places I'm currently attending, so if anyone wants to add to the list please feel free to post. 


Also the board game group has a facebook page called, wait for it, Denver Board Gamers. The guy that created it has a good point, even if you aren't attending any of the current groups, it still would be helpful to all gamers in Denver to start having a centralized way of communicating when/where events are taking place. So I encourage you as well as posting here, join the group and start letting us know that there are people out there looking for games (LCGs are more than welcome of course).

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There is a group of about 7-8 people who play at Atomic Goblin Games (Longmont) on Wednesday at 6p. We would love to see you up there if you can make it. They are all super friendly and quite good at the game. I do know some of those you might have met at Wizards Chest on the weekends do play up here on Wednesdays.


There is a yahoo group called Colorado something Star Wars LCG perhaps. That you could join and contact people. MasterJediAdam on these boards is the mod for it.


Hope to see you in Longmont soon.

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