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FFG Sez Contradictions / Clarifications?

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Steelhorns has the abiltiy to move monsters to the next availble space when using his heroic ability.  I asked FFG the same question as above, except in regards to Steelhorns special.  This is what Justin had to say




Hey Cursain,


In this particular case, (in contrast to my previous answer) since the figure *must* be moved, it would indeed be placed in a fashion not dissimilar from what you've shown in the image.


However, it depends upon the precise situation of when Steelhorns enters the occupied space during his Heroic Feat. From that space, you would count 1 space in an available direction, and then from that space you would count to the closest empty space. Remember that when figures are moved like this, the movement is started at a "target space." In the case of attacks, it's quite literally the targeted space. In the case of Steelhorns, it's the space he enters.


So: if the hero on the upper-right was Steelhorns, He would enter the top-left space of the shadow dragon. Then, he would choose in which direction the dragon would move. If he moves the dragon left, down, or up-left, then actually (instead of your leftmost destination space), the dragon would be placed on the entrance, just above the top-left hero (which is closer in each case). If he moved right or down-right, it would actually be 4 spaces to both the aforementioned entrance and to the space just to the right of the topmost flesh moulder.


I know that's a bit wordy, but does it make sense?


Justin Kemppainen
Creative Content Developer
Fantasy Flight Games

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@willmanx: better regroup all FFG's answers in the BBG thread and wiki.

Most players lurk on both forums, and answers given over here occasionally have been copy-pasted on BGG.

What could be nice, would be a "sticky" post (i.e. which remains on the top of the forum) with usefull links.

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