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Looking for a good team to fight Nyarlathotep

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I can't say which investigators work best as I haven't tracked my successes with that much detail, but I have managed to make it to the pre-final battle with the Pharaoh about 7 times (out of about 9 times played) with 4 investigators, with 3 solid wins (taking out whatever he happened to morph into).  I have found the ally that allows you to ignore terror effects and the daily lock is probably most useful, as well as the one that lets you add the red die and the other that allows you one reroll (like a clue).


My advice is keep your allies alive, and make sure you go into the final battle with as many trophies as you can muster for all your characters to use on them for both battles.  Keep in mind that items get locked, but what the items give you are not, so allies can always help if you have the trophies to use them.


Jenny Barnes is the most powerful investigator.  Having her in your party is almost always a benefit.

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