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Halfling and Ogre entries for your Creature Guide

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I figure these would be good to print out and tape into page 98 of your creature guide.


Quick NPC Ability Creation for The Creature Guide (Insert into your pages)

Ogre NPC Abilities

Ogre NPC Profile: For a quick Ogre NPC, take any one of the generic NPC profiles and modify it as follows: +2 Strength, +2 Toughness, -1 Intelligence, -1 Fellowship, +2 Wound Threshold, +2 Aggression dice to its A/C/E budget.

Thick Skin: Ogre hide is tougher and thicker than the smaller and weaker races. Ogres gain +1 soak.

Fearless: Ogres treat the difficulty of all Fear ratings as 1 less than normal (to a minimum of 1). In addition, Terror ratings confronting them are treated as Fear ratings instead (but do not have their ratings reduced).


Halfling NPC Abilities

Halfling NPC Profile: For a quick Halfling NPC, take any one of the generic NPC profiles and modify it as follows: +1 Agility, +1 Fellowship, -1 Strength, -2 Wound Threshold, +2 Cunning, +1 Expertise dice to its A/C/E budget

Roguish Pursuits: Halfling NPCs have one of the following skills trained – Ballistic Skill, Guile, Skulduggery, or Stealth.

Naturally Sneaky: Halflings often escape notice and as such all Observation checks to detect the halfling add ■■t misfortune dice to the dice pool.

Night Vision:  Two fewer misfortune dice are added to a Halfling’s dice pool for any effects from darkness or lack of sufficient light.



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