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Current topic: skills, talents & traits

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My few cents on this chapters:

1.) Keen Intuition can be abused by continuous re-tries

2.) First Aid is the most broken skill use so far. It is easy to heal another character 1-2 Wounds per Round (even more if you are chirurgeon), even during a firefight.

This heals wounds faster than they are received and can be used as kind of regeneration.

It would help to not remove the treated wound, but give it a treated trait, which reduces the penalty from +5 to +3 or so. Alternatively, healed wounds could be changed into 1 fatigue, which would also help with this issue.

I would furthermore recommend to increase the time which is needed for First Aid from 2 AP to 4 AP (2 AP for Chrirugeon)

3.) In general, the Talent costs seem a little bit to high; the Peer Talent in contrast, seems a little too cheap in my eyes

4.) For the development of certain characters, it would be very helpfull to still have the Frenzy Talent. Currently I didnt find it anymore...which is a pity

5.) Takedown does not consider the strength or size of the target. There is also no saving throw...

That means that I could take down a Space Marine with my strength of 27 ?

6.) The missing modifiers for distance and the resulting new interpretation of Marksman are not good at all in my oppinion. Distance modifiers should return, Marksman altered

7.) The names Charming, Deceptive, Commanding and Intimidating are far from being creative...

8.) Missing some really cool talent names from before: e.g. Air of Authority, Armour of Contempt

Cant they return in same way ?

9.) No more Flesh is Weak and no more machine trait. This were really usefull traits that made sense, especially with some NPCs. Their lack leads to some missi g immunities and other circumdtances that can become odd (e.g. with Servitors)

10.) Can the sprint talent be used with a charge ? If yes, this makes Preternatural speed almost useless (which has a really low benefit anyway). Same with Thundercharge.

11.) No more Pure Faith & Faith Talents :(

A huge setback for clerics and sororitas again until we *may* pay again for an expansion which might bring it back

12.) Bonus for Weapon mechandrites seems low...maybe they should provide 1 AP bonus for firing with them

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