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Advice on my Dwarf deck

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I have posted the links below for 2 of my dwarf decks. I would like advice and some tips - maybe what is and isn't working. I am just a casual player at this time, but would like as strong a deck as possible - I currently own:


Core Set x 1

All deluxe expansions (except Cataclysm)

Shield of the Gods

Fragments of Power

Karaz a Karak

The Imperial Throne

Firey Dawn

The Silent Forge

Glory of Days past (is on order)


This one is a Reclaiming the Fallen Deck, using Develoments to trigger some Ambush, Serpent Slayers, Troll Slayers:



This one is a rune/support heavy deck, using developments in the battlefield. I like some of the synergies, but feel it could be stronger:



Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Add to your decks cards such as King Kazador, Demolition, Mountain Barracks, also quest Building for War is good and has synergy with Hospitable Cave.


Reclaiming deck: you don't have means to put units into discard -> Mineshaft Engineer.


Slayer deck: Wake the Mountain? Also Burn It Down would be good with all those developments in the battlefield.

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I am working on a Slayer deck and was thinking Wake the Mountain, Dance to Loec, and Surprise Assault might not work too bad together.  Haven't had a chance to test but something to think about.  I think all but Wake is out of the scope of what you currently own, but something to think about.

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Here is my favorite dwarf deck. The list looks weird, but it is all about getting things into play for free. It is very reactive and best against super aggro decks.





3 Hammersmith
2 Doom-Seeker
3 Nimble Spearman
3 Grombrindal's Elite
2 Vengeful Slayer
3 Son of Grungi
3 Tunnel Fighter
2 Bladesinger
2 King Kazador


2 Iron Discipline
3 Long Winter
3 Stand Your Ground
2 Demolition!
3 Master Rune of Valaya
3 Pilgrimage


3 New Trade Route


3 Ancestral Tomb
3 Mining Tunnels
2 Blood Vengeance


Here is how it plays:


Opening had you want to see Nimble Spearman and New Trade Route or Ancestral Tomb for first turn (Hammersmith only makes those draws better) 


When it comes to economy the build favors the quest greatly. Only 4 resources are need per turn, but it really needs to to draw around 4 cards per turn.


The goal is to get 4+ developments in the quest as quickly as possible. Ideally you want to see King Kazador or Son of Grungi as one of those developments. Having 4 developments makes Pilgrimage (a highly underrated card in my opinion) free.


Early game revolves around getting free Blood Vengeances and Vengeful Slayers into play for free. The whole time you are waiting to draw the combo:


Tunnel Fighter + Stand Your Ground = 1 cost King Kazador (or Son of Grungi)


This is an old trick, but a good one. You bring Tunnel Fighter into play for free by blowing up 3 developments making sure one of them is King Kazador. Then Stand Your Ground him back into play. This nets 2 big butt units for 1 resource. In a pinch the combo can be pulled off with Demolition! (it blows up developments too) to get a Kazador for 3 resources.


It may seem like a 1 trick pony from this description, but it can control the board with scalpel precision with unit bouncing and support destruction. All the free developments are toolbox options with Long Winter so you rarely feel like you are out of options.


I played this deck at North American Nationals and I really think it could have done well, but I got paired against a straight End Times deck first round (I've since made a similar build and will post it soon). I went 1:2 against it, but the 2 rounds it won it was by a landslide. It is nasty, it won on turn 2 the 3rd game.


This is my favorite deck to play and probably my best. Slayers are fun, but there is nothing better than seeing an opponent scared to attack you because of the repercussions!

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