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Looking for an online group.

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I've been looking for an online group with no success for several weeks now.


ROLE: Player


TYPE OF GAME: Online/In-person


REGION: Edmonton Canada

SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Any Evening or weekend, other than Tuesday. (GMT -7)

GAME STYLE: Relaxed.

Contact: Craftomega(a)


So if anyone is up for Gm'ing, or playing you know how to contact me.

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Role: Preferably a Guardsman but I could also play a adept or cleric if the group becomes combat class heavy.

Session: Can play any of the 40K RP settings.

Region: U.S. CST. Which is only an hour behind GMT-7 (MST)

Time: Afternoon, Evening, or weekend. Wednesdays only late evening and preferably not at all.

Style: Any except games that outright abuse lore and disregard the setting.

Contact: Doc_Butcher on Skype or simply reply here and I will know.

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