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Weekly Hedge Tournament League - Edinburgh UK

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Enter the Lists: Weekly Hedge League based in Edinburgh Games Hub.


Get as many games in as possible and post your results before Sunday in the fb page:
- Free to join League
- Bonus Achievement points awarded (see below)
- League matches can be played anywhere during the week between two registered league players, so long as both agree that the match counts....
- All results to be submitted by following Sunday.
- Any number of league matches can be played and submitted during the week. Players top 4 results will go toward the monthly total for Bragging Rights.
- League culminates in a Quarterly Sanctioned Tournament held at the Games Hub with FFG Prize support.


July League - Joust


August League - Melee!/events/642198839126260/


Edinburgh Card Gamers -!/groups/edinburghcardgamers/


House Achievements
Playing as House Stark
Playing as House Lannister
Playing as House Baratheon
Playing as House Targaryen
Playing as House Greyjoy
Playing as House Martell

Agenda Achievements
Winning with Siege of Winterfell
Winning with Power Behind the Throne
Winning with Heir to the Throne
Winning with Maesters Chain
Winning with House of Dreams
Winning with The Long Voyage
Winning with Brotherhood without Arms
Winning with Knights of the Hollow Hill
Winning with Character Agenda
Winning with Nights Watch Agendas
Winning with Wildling Agendas
Winnig with the White Book (+5 Points!)

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